Responsiv build distinctive business solutions that are simple and effective

Our solutions are simple to procure, cost effective to run, and deliver your business need. Use our solutions to deliver distinctive business advantage. @BeingResponsiv.


Responsiv connects data to people and businesses to markets

Responsiv works with companies to help them automate reliable access to their enterprise data and expertise. We synchronise data between systems in real-time, automate business processes, and case handling to drive operational efficiency and accuracy. Our rule engine and API management technology then allows companies to extend this efficiency to their customers and partners through managed APIs, and extended automation.

“Everyone needs deadlines. Even the beavers. They loaf around all summer, but when they are faced with the winter deadline, they work like fury. If we didn’t have deadlines, we’d stagnate.”
Walt Disney

We value our record for delivering projects to an agreed schedule and quality, our willingness to share delivery risk, and our open and transparent business conduct.

Our extensive experience goes back over 30 years and includes working with multi-vendor (Opensource, Microsoft, IBM, HP) technology to connect the enterprise, and with SCADA and IoT as well as manufacturing protocols to integrate devices and machinery. 

We believe that empowering our customers improves the overall acceptance of new technology, and simplifies our relationship. Our consultants are used to working with multiple vendors and partners to deliver solutions, and happy to mentor. 

If you have a problem that is worth solving – then it’s worth giving us a call.



Dedicated to delivering technology solutions that solve challenges and deliver value

Responsiv Unity

Responsiv Unity is a modular platform that accelerates your automation projects. Subscribe to the capacity and functionality you need and extend as needed.

Use Responsiv Unity to share data across the enterprise, connect your business to partners and customers, and to manage internal processes and case automation.

Responsiv Unity is available “as a service” or self managed by subscription.

Responsiv Consulting

Responsiv Consulting is a full spectrum IT services organisation that specialises in timely delivery of data synchronisation and business automation projects.

Our consultants can augment your own skills to add capacity or extend skills coverage on an assistance basis, or take full responsibility for delivering your most important projects on a fixed price basis.

Responsiv Consulting is also available using custom agreements.

Responsiv Assist

Responsiv Assist is a flexible remote support service that provides support for your developers when they are developing their own code, for solutions delivered by Responsiv Consulting, and for Responsiv Unity.

Responsiv Assist also provides fully hosted managed services as well as light-touch incident and oversight for your Responsiv Unity and IBM Middleware platforms.

Available using custom agreements.

Responsiv Resale

Responsiv partner with Microsoft, IBM, and Red Hat to allow us to deliver solutions that leverage the best available.

Our partnerships mean that we can deliver solutions on Microsoft Azure or IBM clouds to match your skills and strategic goals, as well as to deliver best value.

Responsiv Consulting can provide project and implementation skills and experience to assure delivery of your Kubernetes, OpenShift, Microsoft, or IBM Automation project.

Responsiv Education

Responsiv resell product and technical education for the products that we support and many more. We can provide remote self-paced learning courses, classroom, and custom workshops that focus on a specific aspect of your project.

We provide mentoring and method support as part of our Responsiv Consulting projects.

You can use Responsiv Assist (Flex Support) to answer product, good practice, and problem resolution questions.

Responsiv Solutions

Why not cut out all the messing around in self-assembly and simply procure a “Responsiv” solution?

Depending on circumstance it is preferable to procure the parts and undertake a DIY assembly of the solution yourself. For these cases Responsiv can provide the foundation software, skills, and experience to help you be successful. We can also assemble the solution on your behalf, and provision it to you as a hosted managed service. We call this approach “Solution as a Service” because the service is tailor made to your requirements with the benefits of SaaS.


Responsiv deliver solutions to many industries and problems

Responsiv provide solutions and have experience working in many industries and environments. We have specific experience and solution accelerators for Local government, NHS Healthcare, Financial Services, and Higher Education. 

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Local Government

Responsiv works with Local councils and government agencies to deliver fixed price solutions as well as mentoring and project augmentation with skills and capacity. We provide project management and specialist technical staff and are available through government frameworks, including G-Cloud.

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NHS Healthcare

Responsiv provide managed services, project acceleration, and solution delivery services to hospitals and health trusts across the UK. We have experience with many aspects of delivering healthcare as well as the gubbins of running the organisation.

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Financial Services: Banking

Responsiv hosts and operates a secure Open Banking gateway for a major bank in the city of London. We designed, built, and now host and support the gateway.

Responsiv provide project delivery services to many financial organisations, including regulatory compliance and project completion services.

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Higher Education

Responsiv provide SaaS solutions to Higher Education establishments that simplify their move to cloud, and deliver important services for the organisation.

Responsiv has pricing for education that allows flexibility for peak demands and allowances for term schedules.