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Responsiv are thought leaders in enterprise connectivity and automation. We distinctively deliver on our deadlines, and conduct open and honest business.

We define Responsiv to be a software and consulting company that delivers great customer service and excellent technical solutions. Empowered by excellent technology and decades of experience, Responsiv can contribute to your project or programme at any point in its lifecycle.

Our customers use Responsiv to lead programmes, augment their own technical teams, to provide trusted advice, and to acquire IBM, Microsoft, and RedHat software simply and effectively.

We are one of a select number of small consulting companies that has the experience and depth of technical skill needed to deliver successful enterprise integration and digital architectures.

  • Enterprise Automation
  • API management
  • Business process and case management Working across industry, we combine your experience with ours to develop new and innovative solutions that meet your needs as well as being practical and distinctive. Responsiv can empower all aspects of your strategic planning and execution. Visit for information about all of these offerings.


Simple applies to the solutions we design and deliver, as well as the experience of working with Responsiv, and the way we conduct business.

Simple Solutions

Making a simple solution is not simple. Complexity is expensive in money and time, encourages human error, and complex systems are unreliable.

We consider a wristwatch to be simple. It is simple to operate, however few people understand how it works, and fewer can build or repair one.

System complexity stems from the structure of a machine, the number of parts, and the level of consistency in rules and implementation. Individual components may be complex for the same reasons, or because what they are doing is fundamentally difficult, for example calculating a cubic spline.

If complexity is not hidden away from operators, or contained to help developers, then the system becomes complex and eventually unstable to maintain – dramatically increasing the cost of ownership and reducing its useful life.

“Simple”, intuitive solutions are less prone to error and simpler to extend and maintain. They reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Responsiv consider hidden factors to make our solutions “simple”. It’s part of our ethos. We work to deliver solutions that are simple to operate and cost effective to own. We’re never done with simplicity.

Simple Business

Responsiv is open and clear about how we assemble our proposals, and seek to be as accurate as we can with our pricing.

We often commit to underwrite delivery risk and support our solutions for the long term. Both of these demonstrate our confidence and the sustainability of our products and services. We literally “puts our money where our mouth is”.

Simple Delivery

When we are delivering projects, or assisting a customer project, we seek to be open and transparent in our actions, and undistracted. Many of our customers are not technically minded, they want a project to simply deliver their desired outcome, no risk and no drama. We seek to encapsulate risk management, financial schedules, testing, deployment and all the other delivery complexities.



Effective is solving a problem with minimal fuss and bother. An effective solution properly and completely delivers its objectives without creating problems for others. It creates new opportunities and can grow and adapt to new challenges.

Effective Solutions

A cost-effective solution delivers its function for a price that makes good business sense.

Responsiv Solutions are built on tried and tested software, decades of delivery experience, and assets developed to accelerate your projects by avoiding pitfalls and delivering quickly. Our consultants have worked with some of the world’s largest institutions as well as some of the smallest. We understand the challenges and the solutions.

Sustainable solutions include enablement of business and operational users through a combination of mentoring and education. Our education packs and Responsiv Assist (support) offerings ensure your continued success.

Effective Business

We seek to be quick and efficient in our dealings with customers and partners.

Deadlines are not arbitrary, they’re a promise we make to ourselves and our customers that help us rein in the endless possibilities and focus on cost effective delivery.

Our consulting engagements seek to deliver complete and effective reports and designs, as well as executable solutions. That we reward effective rather than blustering behaviour.

Effective Delivery

Great software should work with little configuration and setup and do “something”. Responsiv software are designed to allow our customers to see something useful from their investment in no longer than a few minutes.

Our combination of skills and leadership are rare and incredibly valuable if you want your development and project activity to interlock with the operational and BAU environments.



Responsiv aims to deliver distinctive solutions that are held as iconic or exemplars of how a solution should be. Think about the products that you believe are “great” rather than mundane.

Resources that are critical to an organisation’s competitive advantage are called distinctive capabilities. When they are unique to a specific organisation, they form part of that organization’s distinctive capabilities.

Distinctive Solutions

Responsiv seek to build solutions that form part of our customers distinctive capabilities. We understand that to create sustainable competitive advantage technology alone is not enough. You require organisational processes and partners that are hard to replicate. Responsiv supports your overall delivery of your distinctive capabilities.

Distinctive is delivering a solution that surpasses expectation.

Our solutions are identifiably “Responsiv”, because they are “cleverly simple” or are innovative but practical. We believe that distinctive solutions deliver distinction to a business in a way that is not an extension of the current reality.

Distinctive Business

Responsiv works to automate and simplify our own operations. Our intention is to simplify and improve the efficiency of how we work with customers, and how we deliver our services.

Distinctive Delivery

Projects that deliver when they say they will.

We thought that our technical experience and depth of knowledge would be distinctive. It is.

Our experience and ability to deliver large programmes and the combination and breadth of understanding of how business and technology come together to deliver shareholder value are more distinctive and unique: Responsiv knows how to lead. Around 54% of projects fail due to inadequate Project management; only around 17% fail for technical or people reasons.

Our Products

Responsiv Consulting

Installations, Problem Resolution, Performance reviews, fixed price projects, services for assistance, custom agreements

Responsiv Consulting is an asset-based professional services organisation. Our consultants use our accelerators, experience, and skills to assure on-time delivery to the agreed specification.

We provide trusted advice to C-level and technical leaders. Our advice is often technology agnostic, focusing instead on how to successfully deliver large projects, how to align technology to business strategy, and how to ensure that projects and contracts are properly constructed.


Responsiv Assist

Installation audit, Penetration testing, Problem Management, SSL Certificate Monitoring, Licence Optimisation, Performance reviews.

Responsiv Assist provides support for our managed services and cloud hosting, as well as ad-hoc remote support for your developers, operators, and architects.

Responsiv Assist provides incident support to maintain your services and is accessed through the Responsiv Assist portal (

Responsiv Unity

Oversight console, integration to Office 365 and enterprise monitoring, Automation, Integration, available as a service, custom agreements

Responsiv Unity is a modular enterprise automation platform that can be purchased incrementally as your need for additional function and capacity grows. Responsiv Unity is available for self-installation or as a service.

Responsiv Resale

Responsiv is a reseller and system integrator for Microsoft, IBM, and RedHat software.

Richard Whyte
Richard Whyte

Richard Whyte has been building enterprise IT solutions for over 20 years. He is known for creating innovative practical solutions that provide a strong foundation for future development, whilst solving immediate problems. Previously the European CTO and Principal Architect for IBM Systems Middleware at IBM, he has an MBA, a degree in Statistics and Computing, is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional, and Fellow of both the Institute of Technology and the British Computer Society.

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