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Responsiv Solutions is a technology company with strong engineering roots and a sense of fun

Responsiv build distinctive business solutions that are simple and effective.


Responsiv Solutions Limited was founded with a desire to “do the right thing” and redefine what it means to buy a business software solution.

We have all experienced an incredible revolution in quality and usibility for consumer electronics, going from not knowing how to operate an “Automatic Video Recorder”, to not knowing what one of them is used for. The technology in our hands is simple to install and simple to use. We wield its power to effect our lives and influence around the world. 

What about business systems?

Responsiv fundamentally wants to deliver the same ease of use and connectedness to business automation, as we expect in our home lives. We also want to re-ignite an interest and expertise in basic technology and good solution design. Our founders remember how innovative and fun it was building software in the 1980’s, solving problems for the first time.

We want to create a business that competes successfully and delivers value to our customers, while being a fabulous place to work and play.

We are a company that delivers a combination of practical innovation and deep understanding of technology that allows us to take measured risks and never loses sight of the beauty and satisfaction in IT innovation.

“There is no such thing as a commodity. All goods and services are differentiable.”

Theodore Levitt (1980)

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious,and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney

The need for innovation and good design has not gone away – it has become regarded as commodity, which is a mistake. Today we have more choice, more complexity, and more opportunity than ever before. Companies need help navigating the options and then help focusing on delivering solutions. It is all too easy to be distracted by an even better way.

We believe “misunderstanding” the value of good advice, experience, and a willingness from IT providers to share risk, is costing British industry and the economy significant competitive advantage, millions of pounds in lost income. That it undermines the ability of a company to efficiently utilize technology to respond to competitive demands.

Responsiv develops software and solutions that assemble existing products and new functionality to efficiently deliver state of the art solutions to specific problems. The resulting enterprise platform can deliver distinctive advantages to companies with the vision to consider IT as a strategic advantage.

Responsiv work as a team, being faithful to our values, to empower business with Solutions that are Simple, Effective, and Distinctive.

Our Ethos

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Simple to work with, Simple to operate, Simple to understand, and Simple to maintain.

Responsiv has a reputation for delivering projects on budget, on time, and on quality. We work with companies from across the spectrum, government, financial services, Higher Education, Retailers, and Industrial.

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Cost effective, Solve the whole problem, don’t create new challenges in the business

An effective solution properly and completely delivers its objectives without creating problems for other parts of the business. It can grow and adapt to new opportunities and challenges, and that is cost effective to operate.

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Build Distinctive solutions that do more than extending the current reality

Distinctive business capabilities are those that materially impact its place in the market, are disruptive, or deliver significant competitive advantage.

Our Values 

Responsiv Value - Focused


Not distracted from our mission, focused on customer success and delivering great solutions and results. See projects and work to its conclusion by owning situations to resolution, or providing active support to project leadership. This extends from the products we sell through to the support and operational activity that runs the business.

Responsiv Value - Innovative


Is there a better way?

Innovation is about new ideas, improving old ideas, and applying existing knowledge and ideas to new uses. To do all of that we need to be continually looking out for new information and knowledge, and to be interested in our customers and their existing domain knowledge and experience.

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As a team we believe in the company and its promise, we work together, and we demonstrate a pride in what we are doing, and demonstrate this passion in our interactions internally and externally. We work together as a team, we don’t apportion blame, but fix problems together. We trust each other.


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As a company we support our customers and go the extra mile to deliver the solution that works. We are reliable and considerate in our support for one another and give our customers confidence that they are being supported by a first-class team. We share knowledge across the team and are happy to mentor others.

Responsiv Value Trusted


As a company we are open and transparent in our dealings with each other and with our customers. We are accountable for our actions and deliver on our promises. We aim to deliver on time and to expectations.




Management Team

Richard Whyte

Richard Whyte

Chief Executive Officer

Malcolm Warwick

Malcolm Warwick

Chief Technical Officer

Henry Cressey

Henry Cressey

Chief Operations Officer

Heather Hathaway

Heather Hathaway

Operations Director

Jon Goldstone

Jon Goldstone

Non-Executive Director

Iain Devine

Iain Devine

Non-Executive Director

Investor Relations

Responsiv Solutions Limited is a privately owned company based in the United Kingdom. We operate predominantly in the UK and Europe but have partners and customers across the world. Our head office is in Bracknell Berkshire with UK customers across Scotland, England, and Wales.

Investor information is provided to help our customers and prospective customers to track and maintain a good understanding of our company.


At Responsiv we believe that you are on the fast track. You will gather information, skills, and experience at an extraordinary rate. We work in a supportive environment and provide training and opportunities to gain experience and grow your career.

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If you have any questions about the company, our products or services, or simply want a sounding board for jobs or IT solutions then please contact us.

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