Business Change

Business Challenge

Business change moves organisations forward.

It refers to the process of making modifications to various aspects of a company to implement and fulfill business strategies. These strategies and changes can be driven by internal and/or external factors.

Business change can take many forms:

  • Organisational change
  • Process change
  • Technological change

Business change requires careful planning and strong change management strategies to be successful.

A lack of project skills and expertise is a key challenge for organisations trying to successfully undertake business change initiatives. This lack of skill and expertise is likely to lead organisations into project stagnation and ultimate failure.

Ensuring staff are comfortable and understand any large scale changes is also a challenge when it comes to business change projects. Where staff are not onboard with the project, there is the risk of failed change adoption. This needs to be properly managed to ensure staff, as key stakeholders, are educated and included in the change process.

The Solution

Looking at solutions outside of just recruiting expensive resources with niche skillsets, outsourcing comes out on top alongside automation.


Skills Outsourcing

Outsourcing skills is cost effective way of accessing key skills needed to deliver successful projects.

Project Management

Outsourcing project management skills is an effective way of mitigating the risk of project failure. Employing the help of experts who have been through the process of business change previously allows you to benefit from their experience and avoid known pitfalls.

These skills can be brought in for the duration of the project lifecycle and no longer if not necessary.

Business Analysis

Business analysis skills can be utilised in various ways. Not least of all in providing insight into potential solutions and products for getting the desired outcomes from the business change initiative.

Technical Skills

Technical skills can used in various ways. Through managed services, consulting or remote support. These services can change based on business need and utilise the skills an organisation needs to complete a project.

Responsiv provide support at all stages of a project. For example, we provide the technical skills to build automated processes, integrating relevant systems, and support the software and process post-deployment.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is critical to ensuring successful change adoption. These stakeholders are the people who do the everyday job that is affected by any change; educating them on any new technologies, processes, or partners is an important step in any business change project. Where this does not happen, it is almost guaranteed the change will fail. 

When staff feel they have been sufficiently consulted throughout the process, with their thoughts and ideas considered as part of any initiatives, it is more likely they will look fondly on the change and be suseptive to wanting successful outcomes.


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