Business Cost

Business Challenge

Understanding and managing business cost is essential for maintaining profitability and financial stability.

Businesses need to keep track of their costs and understand their cost structure to make informed business and investment decisions. Efficient cost management can enhance profitability and contribute to the long-term sustainability of a business.

Organisations have direct costs including procuring technology, offices, and salaries, and other costs such as cost of staff leaving, managing vendor relations, and time spent on tasks.

Gartner research found that the average amount of avoidable rework can take up to 30% of a full-time employee’s overall time.

The business cost challenge currently facing organisations is rising as the global economy is unsteady. High inflation rates, taxes, and increased costs all affect businesses as they would individuals.

This means organisations must manage spending and balance inputs with outputs. Raising costs for customers (in B2C and B2B markets) is not always the answer and risks losing business, so how else can businesses offset and manage these increased costs?

The Solution

It is well understood that you have to spend money to make money. Investing in ways to monitor and manage business costs, whilst expensive to procure, will pay dividends in the long-term.



Clear strategy for a whole organisation will help to reduce cost, making decisions fit their needs. Clarity around where costs can be reduced allows organisations to take the relevant steps to decrease cost.  Responsiv offer strategic guidance for how organisations can move forward to meet business needs, in this case, reduce cost.

Managed Service and Third-party Support

Managed services are a good way of managing costs. They allow you to focus on other issues, with the knowledge that key systems and applications are being managed by experts with the skills to keep the systems running efficiently.

Managed services also mean you do not need in-house skills, meaning organisations can save on salary costs.

Third-party support acts in a similar way, in that they remove the need for full teams of in-house skills. Support contracts can act on credit-based models to allow organisations to utilise the remote support as and when it is needed.

third party support


Cloud platforms can be run as a managed service as a way to manage business costs, but this is not the only way cloud can help with business costs. 

Finding a scalable cloud platform without hidden fees can be hard but it is possible and they are out there. The Responsiv Cloud platform offerings are flexible, allowing for scalability as necessary with value based pricing models.

Responsiv Cloud is hosted on tier 3 UK datacentres. This means they conform to the UK’s grading standards for datacentre security, sustainability, and continuity.

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