Business Challenge

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their efficiency. Why? Efficient businesses see reduced business cost and an increase in productivity/output; all required for business growth.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is the thing on the tip of everyone’s tongue. This context of sustainability refers to how organisations are working to improve their impact on the environment; aiming for carbon neutrality, reducing excessive fuel usage, and addressing their role in climate change.

Addressing environmental sustainability has become mandated by various government policies including ESG (which holds organisations accountable for their operational performance) and shared responsibility (which will effect the supply chain) policies.

PwC surveys found that:

    • 43% of UK CEOs say they will invest in decarbonising their business model this year,
    • 43% are investing in technology to support their ESG efforts
    • 55% are investing in upskilling their people to make better use of technology to support ESG

Commitment to sustainability is increasingly becoming a key strategy for business as customers and governments demand more responsible and sustainable practices.


The Solution


There are a number of up and coming products looking to address the challenges of managing and streamlining environmentally sustainable initiatives in enterprise and small organisations.


Monitoring and measuring sustainable initiatives will firstly require a clear strategy to understand what it is a company is trying to achieve and how it envisions what success is. Having this clear strategy allows organisations to properly understand what the priorities are and where the focus needs to lie.

Monitoring sustainability will also allow organisations to comply to ESG criteria, track progress, and create resilience.


Sustainable technology is a framework of digital solutions that drive ESG outcomes. Working with the right suppliers, tools and hardware to deliver the most output with the minimum viable resources. If an organisation is outsourcing IT operations, they should ensure that the supplier is using sustainable operations.


Cloud computing provides organisations with the opportunity to reduce energy usage as many provideres use renewable sources like solar and wind power. Furthermore, data centres are now designed to be more environmentally conscious, with smart measures in place to minimise energy waste.

Additionally, cloud datacentres use industry-grade servers that run several organisations cloud, each secure and seperate. This is more sustainable than each organisation running on multiple pieces of hardware inhouse.


New greener technologies mean new job roles and new skills to be learnt. As new roles develop, there is a growing skills gap. Organisations can address the shortages by retraining staff to give the necessary skills to work with these green technologies.

Organisations can also partner with technical experts to mentor staff on relevant processes and make use of technologies like machine learning to move towards sustainability. Outsourcing technical or hard to find skills is a solution that saves cost whilst providing the resources so sought after to achieve strategic goals.

Sustainable Business


Business sustainability, or running a sustainable business, means having sustainable and viable business strategies to ensure you can maintain running the business without making a loss.

This includes looking at how products and services are priced in relation to the wider economic situation (how much power do customers have, what is inflation doing…), is there enough demand for the business’ offerings, can the business consistently deliver on their promises?

The Solution

Sustainable business can be improved by addressing costly suppliers, business inefficiencies caused by process bottlenecks, and low productivity.

Take a look at the challenges above to understand how companies can manage and improve their

business sustainability

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