Build a Career that Grows with You at Responsiv

Responsiv deliver enterprise IT projects of all shapes and sizes to customers that appreciate our unique blend of innovation and practicality. We know that the individual contributions of our people are what makes our team great. It’s what makes Responsiv different.

Join a collaborative team and learn at an extraordinary rate!

At Responsiv we promote from within to support how you build a career that will grow with you. You are in the driving seat with a team to provide encouragement, skills, and support. Responsiv is a small company with a flat management structure. Opportunities to learn, contribute, and influence are there for the taking.

We appreciate the diversity of thought and experience and recruit experienced professionals, students, and graduates to help us succeed.

Our shared values are the core beliefs that guide how we work, make decisions, and conduct ourselves. They help our customers to know what to expect.

Scroll down to discover some of the ways you can personalise your career at Responsiv!

Our Products

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Responsiv Assist

Remote support for incident response, cloud managed services, operator and developer assistance, upgrades, patches, and more.

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Responsiv Consulting

Delivering skills and expeertise at all stages of enterprise IT projects, from innovation to implementation

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Responsiv Cloud

Built on industry leading software and middlware. Create bespoke scalable, and flexible cloud solutions.

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Responsiv Unity 

Self-hosted modular automation and integration platform that is customisable and scalable.

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Responsiv Resale

Licence support and optimisation for customers using IBM, Red Hat, and Microsoft software and middleware.

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Meet Mike

Meet Mike

Account Manager

I joined Responsiv in 2021 and my role, simply put, is to ensure that we offer the best of Responsiv solutions to our clients and help them work and operate efficiently.

I like the culture and atmosphere here, and very much enjoy the sense of belonging and being able to grow together.

Things that excite me and interest me about the Sales department at Responsiv are the collaborative nature of the company, the wide variety of projects we work on, and seeing things go all the way from concept to completion.

What I love most about working at Responsiv is the team! I have felt welcomed and supported from day one. Being happy with the people you work with is extremely important, and I think it brings out the best results.

Managing Expectations

You will be responsible for driving your career. We will support you with advice and opportunity, allowing you to change direction, try new things, and stretch your abilities – regardless of experience.

We expect you to do your best in everything you do. You can expect Responsiv to support, nurture, and encourage you, as well as to reward your outstanding contributions.

Our approach to professional development means that we support appropriate learning regardless of immediate need, and actively seek opportunities for you to practice new skills.

Responsiv recruit smart, motivated people to create a diverse set of skills, experience, and expectations from our staff about what they want from their work.

Personalised Career Path

Do you have a thirst for knowledge, a desire to share your insights, and a willingness to learn from everyone and every opportunity? It’s not enough.

You also need to have the ability to work in a team and to learn more and faster than you ever imagined.

Responsiv want to provide our staff with every opportunity to grow in their careers. Not only do we offer a range of career programmes for those starting out and experienced in their career journey, but we encourage everyone to engage with learning and training opportunities.

Responsiv careers are about attitude, the ability to adapt and learn, and a willingness to share

As a smaller company you have the chance to learn from those with years in the industry, benefitting from their experience and expertise. You will have every chance possible to demonstrate what you are made of and gain the capability to define where you want your career to go. The role you start out in will not be where you finish your career…

Should you find a training course you believe to be beneficial to your knowledge and development, Responsiv will fund it.


Experienced Hires
School Leaver Programme
Placement Programme
Graduate Programme

As an experienced professional you have invested time and effort in your career and are likely to have a good idea of what you want from your employer. Perhaps you are looking for something different, an opportunity to grow and finally be understood.

Your experience, insights and skills will help Responsiv to make an impact that matters for clients and your teammates. Our career programme will provide a structure to help you grow your abilities by working together to achieve great things for the company, and for our people.

  • We understand that lifelong learning is not an aspiration; it is critical to survive and maintain your lead.
  • We understand that everyone needs support and that a team is stronger than the sum of the parts.

A career with Responsiv means stretching your skills and honing your expertise by solving complex problems as part of a collaborative, results-driven and supportive team.

Whether we’re helping our clients to reduce their costs, deploy the latest technology, make better decisions, or improve efficiency, we bring together broad experiences and talents to deliver robust, connected solutions.

You can expect to be exposed to a wide range of projects and be working alongside some of the brightest minds in the business.

There is no better way to find out whether Responsiv and the IT industry is the right place for you to begin your career with us.

Our school leaver program is currently available for business operations and sales roles. It provides opportunity to learn about the IT industry and contribute to the work environment while gaining skills and experience that will influence your career choices.

Armed with the experience of working with Responsiv you may decide to pursue a business administration or management career, or to branch out into software engineering or business systems consulting.

Responsiv will support you throughout the programme while you gain hands-on work experience before applying for one of our full-time roles.

School leaver programme opportunities typically range from 6-12 months, depending on specific circumstances.

Our school leaver programme is typically for school leavers with A level or equivalent qualifications in STEM subjects. Candidates will be seeking to gain work experience in our industry.

Explore the opportunities listed below. If you’re not ready to apply, get in touch to find out about our programme offerings.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • B2B Sales and Marketing Support Intern

There is no better way to find out whether Responsiv and the IT industry is the right place for you to begin your career than with an internship with us. Our internship programme allows you to work with us during your industrial placement and helps you to explore our company while gaining hands-on work industrial experience before applying for one of our full-time roles.

Our industrial internship opportunities typically range from 10-12 months, depending on specific circumstances.

Our industrial internships are typically for penultimate-year undergraduate students seeking to gain work experience in our industry. Postgraduate and PhD level internships are also available.

Explore the opportunities listed below. If you’re not ready to apply, get in touch to find out about our programme offerings.

  • Software Development Intern
  • Solution Support Engineer Intern
  • B2B Sales Intern

Our graduate programme provides a structured introduction to the workplace and is focused on giving you the skills and experience needed to thrive and grow in our company and your career.

You will be given a plan that maps the first three months of your employment in terms of where we expect you to be focused, and the measurable achievements that are expected to be completed in the time.

Often the first 30 days emphasise gaining an understanding of our company, the market, our products, and our people. You will be challenged to write content to support marketing and to pass one or more certifications.

Foundational experience and learning will continue with intensive mentoring, self-paced learning, and certification, as well as contribution to real projects.

After 90 days (3 months) you will participate in an assessment to determine your targets for the following year. Mentoring and training opportunities will continue to be central to your professional development.

Our graduate programme supports your foundational professional development for 3-12 months depending on your chosen role, ability, and circumstances.

Our graduate programme is typically for graduate students with none or a couple of years of professional experience and seeking a career in some aspect of the technology industry, or in operating a business.

Explore the opportunities listed below. If you’re not ready to apply, get in touch to find out about our programme offerings.

  • Software Developer
  • Solution Support Engineer
  • B2B Sales
  • Business Analyst/Developer
  • Infrastructure Engineer