At Responsiv we work hard to ensure that you are properly recognised for your contribution and are helped in developing your skills and knowledge to further your career.

Personal and professional development is important in career growth, and Responsiv is invested in nurturing this.

Meet Zoe
Meet Zoe

Marketing Manager and Business Analyst

Creating a supportive environment where people can learn and grow is critical to Responsiv. The education I have recieved from being here is invaluable.

Having access to Vitality Healthcare through Responsiv has given me so many opportunities; from discounted gym membership and free cinema tickets, to easy access to GP services and physio.

It is just one of the benefits of working at Responsiv – and that’s not to mention the mini competitions we have over Vitality points!

Responsiv has also invested in my education, funding my ‘mini MBA’ course in marketing, as well as teaching me everything I know about Business Analysis. The education I have recieved in a short timeframe is invaluable. Being a young professional, Responsiv has given me support, freedom, and choice in where I want my career to go within the company.

 Responsiv Benefits

We are pleased to provide a number of benefits for our staff, including:

Pension Plan
Private Medical Plan
Bonus Plan
Training & Education

Our workplace pension is a Group SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) managed separately from Responsiv finances by Hargreaves Lansdown.

A SIPP is a pension that each member owns and is responsible for their own pension management.

They work in much the same way as any other personal pensions in terms of tax benefits, contribution limits and retirement options.

Responsiv contributions are paid gross (before tax) and your contributions (deducted from pay) are boosted by basic-rate tax relief that we claim from the government and add automatically. Those that pay tax at a higher rate can claim further relief through their tax return or local tax office.

Contributions are invested, to give them a chance to grow over time. Our SIPP differs from many workplace pensions because of the wide investment choice it offers, allowing members to pick funds from across the market.

The Responsiv Business Healthcare plan aims to cover the costs of private medical treatment for acute medical conditions for our staff. Our current plan is provided by Vitality health insurance. You can access and manage your account online or through the Vitality mobile app.

With Vitality, you pay £0 excess when you receive in- or outpatient treatment through their services, so you do not have to worry about paying for your care.

Vitality also gives access to mental health support, online and in-person Vitality GP appointments, apps to help you lose weight or stop smoking and much more.

You don’t have to be ill to benefit, though. Vitality is insurance that rewards you for being healthy. As well as protecting you when things go wrong, it also helps you lead a healthier life.

We give you advice about keeping well, and discounts to encourage you to get healthier. The more effort you make the more rewards we can offer you.

There are discounts with Vitality health partners, as well as useful tools to help you understand and monitor your health. Earn Vitality points that count towards your Vitality status, helping you to see progress.

To find more information on Vitality offerings, click here. 

The Responsiv bonus plan seeks to reward your achievements as well as your support of the Responsiv values and ethos. The plan is linked to company performance and adapts, to recognise current business performance and your personal contribution.

Responsiv value education, seeing it as vital to company and staff development. We are willing and ready to fund those training courses you, and Responsiv, believe are valuable to your professional growth.

Unpaid leave is also available, so you can focus and complete these courses.

At Responsiv you have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from your peers. The benefit of being a small company is accessibility. Staff have acute access to senior members of staff who have been leaders in their fields – tap into the knowledge and learn from them.

Staff also partake in regular Lunch & Learn sessions. These allow the team to engage with people at every level across the company by presenting what they have been learning about, working on, or just something of interest. These activities encourage and develop the cross-departmental relationships we depend on at Responsiv. They also ensure that everyone is caught up on the current projects going on around them.

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