let’s have some fun.

Responsiv promotes employee engagement outside of work. We see this as crucial in creating a cohesive team and ensuring we get a break from the professional backdrop of the office.

We don’t do things by half; work hard, but play hard, too.

Responsiv organise annual Christmas and Summer events, as well as frequent social events. Staff are encouraged to contribute ideas and to organise ‘extra-curricular’ events, leaving their work and the company at the office.

Friendly competition is how we thrive

In the past, activities have included ‘adrenaline days,’ trips to the driving range, paintballing, and Go-Karting to name a few. And that’s not to mention giving staff the chance to crew a 40ft yacht over 3-days in the Solent during the annual IBM Regatta!


Meet Ken

Meet Ken

Unix Infrastructure Specialist

I love to chat with people with diverse opinions about life and the universe, but also about technology and business.

But I also love to water-ski and enjoy the outdoors, remembering my past of marathon running and triathlons and pushing myself to new limits to see what I can achieve.

Not much has changed. The love for new challenges, a never-ending thirst for understanding, and a desire to press the limits are seen across the company.

Today, I build business automation solutions for all sizes and shapes of customers – a job that fulfils my need to continually learn, challenge, and succeed.

Get Involved Today!

Staff organise a monthly pay-day pub lunch, giving them the chance to socialise away from the office and enjoy some good food!

In previous years Responsiv staff have engaged in the three-day IBM Regatta, where our teamwork shines through in a different way. Alongside sailing, staff get to enjoy a sit-down meal with IBM partners and once again enjoy some good food (seems to be a trend).

We have also organised two-day family BBQ events on a farm in Nottingham – where people partook in activities including microlight flying, tractor driving, and much more. Staff and their families can enjoy the countryside with tours of the farm and walks and activities around the fields.

Providing a close-knit, inclusive, work-environment is essential in getting enjoyment out of a job.

Responsiv employees are urged to interact on personal and professional levels to the benefit of their work/life balance. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial to us in delivering our solutions, so creating these relationships is an important feature of Responsiv’s social culture.