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Consulting Open Source Developer

Responsiv is looking for a dynamic and energetic Consulting Open Source Developer with a particular interest in Java, web scripting, and commercial product development. The role includes all aspects of software product development on customer site as part of a customer team, and working on Responsiv products and internal projects.

You will work under the guidance of a project manager and technical lead to deliver software components and designs to a defined schedule and requirements, as well as supporting requirement gathering and design decisions. The programming environment includes IBM, Microsoft, Open Source, and Responsiv software and is based on customer sites or at the Responsiv offices in Bracknell.

The role will include all aspects of software development, including dynamic forms, user input capture, API development, algorithms, business system development, and more. It will require efficient development of Linux applications and system integration as well as the Android and Apple mobile development. You will be involved with sales and marketing, creating informational materials, and implementing code.


Salary: £28,000 – £45,000

Benefits: include pension and private medical care, and personal performance bonus.

Visit Responsiv Career and Benefits and consider our ethos for more general information about working at Responsiv. 


The role is responsible for producing software components using the required products, computer languages, and protocols, that are of an acceptable quality, documented, tested, and well structured in accordance with good practice and Responsiv direction and standards.

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Identifier: MK00067 Consulting Open Source Developer.

About the role

Responsiv develop solutions for our customers, and develop software components to accelerate projects and support our own product strategy. This role is a hands-on software development (general programming) role that requires exceptionally strong technical and programming ability coupled with the desire to learn new languages, products, techniques, and solution areas on an almost continual basis. Reporting to the head of consulting, the role will be attached to projects as needed, and expected to work as part of a development team or solo on customer site or at the Responsiv offices in Bracknell.

The role requires a good foundation in software engineering, including design, development, testing, and troubleshooting. It requires the ability to work as part of a high performance team, and to quickly get to grips with technologies that are emerging, or that use concepts that are new to you as an individual. The need to maintain an understanding of what is happening in the main Open Source projects, and with proprietary software (IBM, Microsoft, and others) used by Responsiv is paramount.

  • Lead software component design and development
  • Learn and develop components using specified technologies, for example bash script, javascript, Java
  • Support pre-sales proof of concept (POC), and proof of technology (POT) projects, as well as presenting as required
  • Documentation describing software components and solutions to other technical readers and to non-technical audiences

Responsiv specialise in enterprise automation and connectivity. This means that we are always meeting new products that we need to learn and connect with, and having to create small components that solve problems that are otherwise major inhibitors to our solutions or customer satisfaction. For example, we may need to integrate to a bespoke DIY system to a rules engine, exposing rule editing to an intranet site. We also develop fully specified business solutions that take many man-years of effort.

About you

You have a good degree in a recognised STEM subject with several years of experience with software and UI development, including usability considerations, JavaScript, PHP, and Java coding and testing, including experience with large team development environments. Your experience and comfort zone extends to most of the areas below – with a desire and ambition to learn about the rest.

General Programming Experience

  • Working with Git (merges, pull requests, basic understanding of common branching models);
  • Testing frameworks (Mocha, Chai, Jest, etc).
  • Java/C and/or knowledge in equivalent programming language;
  • SQL and Database Fundamentals
  • Package managers (Yum, Yarn)
  • Software Architecture Fundamentals (SOA/ESB Basics)

User Interfaces

  • Working with modern UI development frameworks (Vue, React, Angular, etc)
  • Web technology fundamentals (DNS, Web Sockets, MQTT, Pub/Sub, REST/Stateful, XML, HTML5, JavaScript ES6+, Cookies)
  • Web security fundamentals (HTTPS, CORS, OAuth, SAML, JWT)

API and Systems Development

  • API design fundamentals
  • Knowledge of SOAP and other integration technologies
  • Database design and use using relational, object, and NOSQL databases


  • Principles of messaging and cross system communications
  • Willing to learn about process automation and system connectivity

You are excited about learning new things and practiced with modern DevOps and development techniques, with a broad knowledge and appreciation of the art of the possible. You are skilled researching and developing software designs, and with presenting and sharing understanding and insights about our products, and the business opportunities they represent. Confident learning about new products and technologies, and comfortable developing back-end and front-end applications and services, algorithms, different database and data models.

You want the opportunity to learn new things, develop your skills and knowledge, and to demonstrate your ability to make a difference. You are looking for an interesting, demanding programming and technical career, where you can clearly see the impact of your contribution. You own challenges to completion, delivering to tight deadlines, and coordinating multiple stakeholders.

You will demonstrate experience and a track record for owning problems and delivering results. You have examples of design, architecture, and other materials that demonstrate a command of communication styles. You have excellent written and spoken English, and evidence of your ability to understand new ideas and articulate them to an audience.

About us

Responsiv specialise in conceiving and delivering technology solutions that connect systems, people, and markets to share information and automate business processes. We have strategic partnerships with IBM, Red Hat, and Microsoft, and have a vibrant partnering and associate programme. We leverage these relationships to deliver exceptional skills and experience to projects.


Please note

  • Responsiv do not sponsor work permits. We require you to have an unencumbered right to work in the UK.
  • We will expect you to work most of the time from our Bracknell offices and to live within a reasonable commute distance.

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