This paper considers the merits of event (real-time) and batch-oriented processing models for architects and developers who are considering using messaging as part of an integration solution. Technical understanding of basic integration concepts, including messaging, and databases is assumed.

Batch models are considered to be high throughput models for use when response time is less important. Event models are, often conceived by designers as only suitable for systems that require fast response and that have less focus on throughput.

This paper considers the distinguishing characteristics of the two models and investigates examples where each may have unexpected benefit.

The Digital-SOA style of architecture, using multi-instance, distributed services support the use of event models in many more cases than may have been previously considered.

The objective is to design an extensible transaction processing solution with no single point of failure. Because of the time and disruption that it would cause, the solution should never require restoration to a known point. Digital- SOA is to some extent reliant on real-time to assure synchronisation between channels and to accommodate bi- model IT, Omni-channel, declarative interfaces, mobile technology, and customer-centricity at its very core.

Intended Audience

This paper is intended to support executive and leadership teams in consumer-focused companies to understand what Digital-SOA and Digital economy really mean, and how they must be addressed.


Observations and recommendations documented in this white paper are based on our opinions, experience, and research. They are as objective and representative as we can reasonably be, however Responsiv makes no representation as to accuracy or fitness for purpose. Once you have chosen a course of action, it should be thoroughly evaluated to ensure its fitness for purpose.

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Richard Whyte

Richard Whyte

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