Responsiv Solutions is committed to working with UK Government Departments, Agencies and Public Bodies to deliver on their digital strategy. We have offer IBM software, technical services, strategy consulting as well as our own technologies to support delivery of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Ways to Engage Responsiv

GCloud 10

We are on GCloud 10 under Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support.

You can engage Responsiv for services related to private, hybrid and public cloud as well as several Software and Platform as-a-Service Solutions such as IBM IIB, API, BPM, ODM, FileNet and BlueMix and procure our Managed Service and Unity® solutions.

GCloud is is a “direct award” model. Simply search through the GCloud catalogue to find a solution/service that meets your requirements and provides value for money (links to our GCloud offerings are at the bottom of this page). You can then contact us using the contact details for us on GCloud or through our web contact form and we’ll help you to with the call-off contract. More information on buying on GCloud is available on the GCloud Buyers Guide.

G-Cloud – Cloud Support

Cloud Strategy and Architecture Consulting

Responsiv Solutions is a technology consulting firm specialising in leveraging cloud technology and on-premises solutions to delivery maximum value. We have experience helping government organisations build cloud strategies. We can help you build your roadmap, understanding that moving to cloud is complex requiring thought and consideration.

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Migration to Cloud Consulting

A full range of specialist consulting skills and resources to assist your organisation plan, implement, migration and support integration of existing systems to Private, Community, Hybrid, Public cloud platforms. Deep skills with IBM technologies including Integration Bus, DataPower and API Connect, Business Process Management, Operational Decision Manager.

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Public Cloud Consulting

Responsiv Solutions is an IBM Gold Business Partner providing specialist public cloud consulting services including IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure with a focus on IBM technologies including Integration, Process and API connectivity. We have deep skills in these technologies including staff with 15+ years experience at IBM.

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Hybrid and Private Cloud Consulting

Responsiv Solutions is an IBM Gold Business Partner providing specialist private and hybrid cloud consulting services including leveraging your existing investment in your internal cloud platform (such as VMWare vSphere). Specialising in IBM technologies including Integration, Process and secure API connectivity.

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Responsiv Assist - Managed Services

Assist supports multiple IBM Hybrid Cloud products in a variety of subscription formats, providing the ideal balance of technical self-sufficiency and an expert-led safety net that will make all the difference to your success. ITIL service catalogue to tailor support including, reactive and proactive monitoring, to build your bespoke package.

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G-Cloud – Cloud Software

IBM API Connect on Cloud

Create, secure, run and manage APIs on the Cloud. Customised developer portal, this solution enables organizations to attract, engage with application developers to increase usage of published APIs. Administration portal helps establish policies, critical API attributes like self-registration, quotas, management, security policies. Analytics insight for API owners, administrators, developers.

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IBM App Connect Professional on Cloud

Use App Connect to connect your different applications and make your business more efficient. Set up automation flows to direct how events in one application trigger actions in another, and map the information you want to share between them. App Connect does the rest. Quickly connect on-premises and cloud applications.

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IBM App Connect Enterprise on Cloud

IBM App Connect Enterprise on Cloud offers full-fledged integration and ESB capabilities on the IBM Cloud platform. This fully managed solution allows you to deploy integrations on cloud to connect business systems. Start project quickly, enables digital transformation to be fulfilled.

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IBM Blueworks Live Process Modelling

IBM Blueworks Live provides a web-based process and decision modelling platform which is easy to use and complies with open/industry standards. Move away from whiteboard brainstorming to a collaborative, browser based environment. Nothing to install and you can get started with little or no training.

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IBM Business Process Manager (BPM)

Orchestrate and Automate business processes using IBM’s Business Process Manager (BPM) on cloud through Responsiv Solution’s Platform as a Service. Available on IBM Cloud (SoftLayer) as well as custom offerings on other clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Build your SaaS business processes on our PaaS.

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IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM)

IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud is a SaaS solution that provides a comprehensive decision management platform to effectively automate decision-making within and across business systems.

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IBM Aspera Files on Cloud

A complete solution for fast, secure sharing of large files. Easy drag-and-drop operation between cloud and on-premises storage. Anywhere to anywhere, with anyone..

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IBM Workload Automation on Cloud

IBM Workload Automation on Cloud allow Clients to model business processes using workflows with automation (Robotic Automation or RPA) allowing them to run unattended. Reduced human intervention allows efficient execution and governance over large quantities of processes. A complete solution for batch and real-time workload management hosted in the cloud.

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IBM Application Integration Suite on Cloud

IBM Application Integration Suite on Cloud offers full-fledged integration and ESB capabilities on the IBM Cloud platform. This fully managed solution allows you to deploy integrations on cloud to connect business systems. Start project quickly, enables digital transformation and API strategies to be fulfilled.

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IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) on Cloud

IBM WebSphere Application Server serves applications from the front office to the back office including mobile, Web, cloud or mission-critical enterprise applications. Available as Public, Private, Hybrid to suit business needs.

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IBM Application Performance Management (APM) on Cloud

A complete solution for application performance management, comprising of infrastructure monitoring, middleware monitoring, application monitoring, real end user experience, synthetic transactions, and transaction tracking.

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IBM Business Automation Content Services on Cloud

Business Automation Content Services on Cloud is a comprehensive content management cloud service that delivers document management and content lifecycle capabilities. These include collaborative document management, imaging solutions, social content management, archiving and Office integration..

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IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Cloud

IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Cloud is a fully featured content management cloud service that provides the foundation for an agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) framework by helping clients to manage content that includes document images, electronic office documents as well as audio and video for multiple platforms.

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IBM Content Manager OnDemand on Cloud

IBM Content Manager OnDemand on Cloud is a content management cloud service that provides a secure, highly available single-tenant infrastructure for storing, archiving and retrieving high volumes or electronic documents.

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Responsiv Unity Digital Enterprise Platform

A unified platform capable of delivering SOA integration, business process, API lifecycle management, operational decision management. Transforms and consolidates data making it accessible to websites, systems, and partners. Aggregation of real-time information from multiple sources driving maximum benefit from data assets. Assured integration with partners using secure identity access management.

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G-Cloud – Cloud Hosting

IBM Cloud and Bluemix Services

IBM Cloud – platform for building, running, and managing business applications on cloud. Organisations can focus on delivering business value rather than dealing with infrastructure issues. Combine services, infrastructure and data to rapidly transform ideas to production. Multi-tenant, dedicated or local, on-premises instance make for a true Hybrid Cloud experience

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  • How does Responsiv prefer to be engaged?

    While we are comfortable working against any of the above frameworks as well as direct award and full OJEU. We find GCloud offers a good balance between low overhead, quick procurement and customers getting the solution they want. We also find that most of our customers are implementing a cloud-first approach (inline with the GDS strategy) and this makes GCloud the obvious choice. Because of this we have focused our efforts on providing as many services as possible on GCloud.

  • What if I’m not using cloud solutions?

    It’s quite likely that your services requirement is more related to cloud than you think. As well as public cloud related services (like solutions running on AWS), you can also procure services for private cloud (such as those running on VMware) and for services to help you transition to the cloud (such as strategy consulting).

  • Really? I can use GCloud for On-prem private cloud?

    NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technologies) defines private cloud as follows: The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers (e.g., business units). It may be owned, managed, and operated by the organization, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises. 

    VMware (and others) define their virtualisation platform as a private cloud and even allow you to purchase solution on public cloud with the same technology.

  • Can I have a copy of your Call-Off contract?

    We are working towards publishing a copy of our GCloud call-off contract to make it more transparent and even easier for you to procure services and solutions from us.

  • Are you on RM3733 Lot 2?

    Unfortunately we are not on Lot 2 for RM3733 (TP2). You can however procure many software solutions through GCloud Lot 2 and even procure on-prem (private cloud) software solutions if you combine them with our managed service and Jumpstart® solutions.