Higher Education


Responsiv work with Higher Education to deliver Automation and Connectivity solutions 

Responsiv provide solutions and services to HE organisations across the United Kingdom. We work to understand the specific challenges and apply experience in other industries to deliver great solutions that make economic and operational sense.

We understand some of the unique challenges faced in Higher Education, and especially in the times of pandemic and remote working. Our solutions include Connectivity as a Service, Filtering Student Applications, and automation of business processes across the enterprise.

Student Management

Responsiv has worked with HE establishments to better manage the variations in demand that are experienced throughout an academic year. We provide licences that accommodate the peaks while optimising expense for the rest of the year. Responsiv Consulting will work with the in-house technical teams to deliver projects, and to assure that they benefit from good practice and our years of experience.


Filtering and management of Student Applications

Many HE organisations receive thousands of applications for each course including direct applications from abroad, and through the UK clearing systems.

Responsiv has worked with a large London University to design an automated (Robotic Process Automation RPA) way to scan and categorise (triage) applications; cutting time and effort spent on “inappropriate applications”, and allowing the human team to focus on applicants that have a good chance of success.


Cloud Connectivity

Responsiv provide Responsiv Unity platform as a Service to HE organisations using custom licensing to accommodate peaks and troughs in demand.

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