Are you getting the most out of Blueworks Live?

Your company will get as much benefit out of process mapping as it puts in. Training, knowledge of the product and knowledge of your processes will all contribute to the success of your Blueworks Live (BWL) licenses.

Responsiv will work with your Business Analysts and process owners to map one of your business processes down to level 4.

Our Specialist Process Consultants have a wealth of cross industry experience mapping processes in IBM Blueworks Live to help glean insights, identify bottlenecks in the process and establish a detailed baseline for continuous improvement or operational excellence initiatives.

We can also help you take the next step on the path to intelligent automation by identifying processes which are suitable for workflow or Robotic Process Automation and supporting you to build a proof of concept (POC). 

Our Offer

We are offering a complimentary process discovery workshop to help generate insights, identify key issues and establish a detailed baseline for continuous improvement or operational excellence initiatives.

This is a no commitment workshop. If you choose to proceed to implementation, we offer a fixed price quotation within 5 working days to develop Process Mapping Skills in your organisation and to map a process down to level 4.

Does this sound familiar?

The Business Problem

  • A large British Multinational Enterprise Software Organisation was planning a process improvement project with an ambitious scope.
  • The aim of the project was to define themselves as a ‘Great SaaS Business’.
  • They had identified the 15 Key Processes that make ‘A Great SaaS Business.’
  • Over one hundred staff members in various departments were involved in these processes, all with their own pressures and differing availability. The project required their engagement and collaboration, though collecting for regular meetings or workshops would have been incredibly challenging or perhaps even impossible.

The Goal

  • They required a technology to map these processes in a collaborative and convenient manner for all parties.
  • Once mapped and analysed, the aim was to identify bottlenecks and pain points in each process; then work with departments to streamline and improve these processes to better their client experiences and outcomes.
  • They also required the unbiased opinion of a third party who could offer feedback, provide suggestions and upskill their teams throughout the project.
  • Ultimately, their plan was to identify processes suitable for the employment of Intelligent Automation.

 The Solution

  • Responsiv worked closely with a team of their key stakeholders to understand their requirement and the scope of the project.
  • We provided a suitable number of IBM Blueworks Live licenses with the right mix of Editors, Contributors and Viewers.
  • As their team had limited process mapping and Blueworks Live experience; they commissioned Responsiv to define one of the 15 Key processes from Level 0 down to Level 4 alongside their Business Analysts. We delivered this on a Fixed Price, Outcome Based contract which made it easy for the company to budget and define success criteria.
  • Following the success of this engagement; they signed a Time & Materials contract for one of our Process Specialists to augment their team for the next steps of the project.
  • They have also procured a Responsiv Assist Support package; giving their team access to Responsiv support on a granular level for process reviews, workshop days and simple queries.

Why IBM Blueworks Live?

  • IBM’s market leading process mapping technology – Blueworks Live, is cloud-based software that gives you a dedicated, collaborative environment to build and improve business processes. Business analysts, subject matter experts and any other designated editors or contributors can easily work together through an intuitive web interface, documenting and analysing processes to make them more efficient. 

Why Responsiv? 

  • Responsiv can provide highly experienced and cost-effective resources to ensure that your process mapping journey is well supported, and your team build their skill set along the way.
  • Our team of Business Analysts have skills and experience across the IBM Digital Business Automation suite ensuring that your project is scalable and suited to the next steps.
  • We also provide a credit-based support package – Responsiv Assist, which will ensure help is on hand for both quickly solvable and more challenging tasks and issues.


Why do we need your help if our analysts are doing a good job mapping our processes already?

That’s great, we work with many companies who have a well established process estate and skilled business analysts. They’ve found that our cross industry experience has helped give a useful perspective and ensure they’re using the latest best practices.

We can also help you take the next steps on the journey to intelligent automation by identifying processes suitable for the employment workflow or Robotic Process Automation by supporting a proof of concept.

Why should we renew our license if we haven’t been getting any value out of Blueworks Live? 
The insights you get out of Blueworks will only be as good as the information you put in. A properly mapped process will help you establish a baseline and subsequently identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, points of failure etc which you can then improve and build upon.

This granular insight into the way your company runs will enable you to install an operational excellence or continuous improvement methodology within the organisation.

How will we know you will deliver value?
We offer a free workshop to establish requirement and then we will offer a Fixed Price, Outcome Based contract to support mapping the identified process down to level 4. If we don’t deliver on our pre agreed success criteria – you don’t pay.

Next Steps

Why not contact us for a no-obligation discussion? We can provide an opinion or new perspective and the rest is for you to decide.

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