Transforming Financial Services

Responsiv bring decades of combined technical and business expertise to the Financial Services, including insight into industry critical regulations, technologies, and products.

Our unique combination of skills enable fast and efficient delivery of digital solutions to address challenges faced by banks, insurers, and financial services organisations.

From the implementation of an Open Banking solution, guidance on changes to payments processing, or support with regulatory challenges, to bespoke integration, automation, and security solutions, transform your organisation with Responsiv.

Financial Services Anon
Responsiv have added so much value to our IBM Blueworks Live experience. Our Account Manager expertly manages our licencing needs. Responsiv provide a wealth of knowledge and experience and the team are great to work with.

Responsiv Solutions

Open Finance
Data Security

Cost-effective Open Finance

Are you Open Finance compliant?


Build on Open Banking and become Open Finance compliant using the Responsiv Cloud Open Banking Gateway.

Use our award winning solution to access information about insurance, investments, pensions, mortgages, savings, and current accounts in line with Open Finance regulation.

Use API packs to meet local EU requirements with a solution customisable to you.

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Responding to Regulation

Are you efficiently and effectively responding to regulation?


DORA, SOX, GDPR, EU Data Act, and more. Responsiv support organisations responding to regulation, with the ability to remove the distraction from in-house teams and deliver to hard deadlines and budgtes.

For example: Consider the human factor of digital operational resilience as part of your DORA compliance project.

If a single member of staff has knowledge of a system or process, the systems’s resilience is not the problem, the single member of staff is. Automate and document business processes to remove dependence from human resources who serve as a single point of failure.

*Responsiv is not an expert on regulation, rather has a percprective on how to respond with technology to ensure compliance

Compliant and Secure Data

Are you aware of the threats to your data?


Protecting data isn’t a new idea. However, how you protect your data and ensure regulatory compliance (GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS) can be optimised.

Streamline audit reporting, manage and maintain data access privileges, and improve oversight of data sensitivity, usage, and movement.

Understand your data environments with a data health check, review your data policies, automate data discovery and classification, and control your software licences, implementation, and support with Responsiv.

Name a process, any process.

Are your processes bottlenecking productivity?


Responsiv specialise in business process automation.

Name a business critical process and Responsiv will support and augment process discovery, mapping, documentation, and automation, engaging key stakeholders and in-house teams along the way to improve successful delivery and acceptance.

Automate on the cloud using Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform and Robot Service, or on-prem with Responsiv Unity Process Node.

Enterprise Integration Specialists

Are your integrations secure and resilient?


The use cases for enterprise integration are vast and varied, playing a crucial role in service provision within the financial services.

Responsiv has vast and deep experience and expertise in industry-critical integration products including IBM ACE and IBM MQ. These skills allow us to support and augment technical teams on an ad-hoc basis as desired.

Develop secure and resilient integrations with Responsiv.

Our association with UK Finance illustrates our commitment to working with financial services companies, and our desire to extend our expertise to new and exciting projects and customers.

UK Finance

our Customers

Vanquis Bank
Investment Software Group
Legal and General Investment Management
Investec Wealth and Investment
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Integration and Automation use cases

Real-time Monitoring

Integrate data sources to monitor transactions, markets, and ESG data.

Connect sources into dedicated dashboards for improved insight.

Compliance Checks

Integrate regulatory policies with automated processes.

Streamline compliance checks for KYC, AML, GDPR, and other regulatory frameworks.

Fraud Detection and Alerting

Integrate fraud detection algorithms with transactionsal data streams.

Automate pattern identification and alerts to reduce time to remediate.

Risk Reporting

Integrate risk management systems to generate standardised reports.

Automate report creation and distribution to relevant stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

Facilitate the collection of feedback and performance data.

Automatically identify areas for improvement and optimisation.

Audit Trails

Ensure all changes to processes, policies, procedures, and controls are consistent.

Integrate with compliance systems to access audit information to facilitate transparency.

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