Responding to Regulation

Responsiv support Financial Services to meet regulatory deadlines with effective digital solutions to ensure compliance.

Are your teams distracted by the regulator?

Responsiv has the skills and expertise to support project delivery to free up your teams to focus on value-driven initiatives and strategic day-to-day activity.

Ensure regulatory compliance whilst delivering strategic technical projects

Don’t lose out on competitive advantage by focusing on the regulator.

We have a track-record for completing projects on time and to budget, mitigating the risk of penalties being incurred for non-compliance.

Do it all; partner with Responsiv
SEPA Inst.
Open Finance

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) aims to safeguard the financial system from ICT related disruptions and cyberattacks by establishing a comprehensive framework for ICT risk management, incident reporting, resilience testing, and third-party risk management.

Organisations must be DORA compliant by early 2025

Responsiv see the human aspect of digital resilience as a potentially overlooked vulnerability. Despite a system being secure and robust, they risk having a single operator who understands the processes and how it works. This needs to be addressed as a single point of failure within DORA assessments and planning.

Responsiv specialise in process automation, solving these exact problems by recording and automating staff knowledge.

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SEPA Instant Credit Transfer applies to the SEPA ‘area’, which comprises of all countries that wish to be included in the area (i.e., not within the EU). The regulation dictates that ‘domestic’ payments are settled within 10-12 seconds. In this instance, domestic is considered as any country within the area. This capability needs to be available 24/7.

SEPA payments, including Credit Transfer, Direct Debit, and SCT Inst all take advantage of existing infrastructure (specifically clearing and settlement mechanisms, and payment infrastructure implemented for PSD2/XS2) for implementation.

The scheme builds on these existing capabilities with tighter demands for reduced latency and treatment of cross border credit transfers withing the SEPA area. This means that many of the parts of the infrastructure need to be modified or extended to support the “instant” part of the requirement for SCT Inst payments.

Use Responsiv to support your SEPA implementation project and harness our experience of IT and digital solutions in the financial services.

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Open Finance builds on Open Banking to increase the availability of customer information and financial instruments to promote visibility and healthy industry competition.

Open Finance requires information about savings, pensions, mortgages, investments, and insurance to be accessible by consumers and organisations using APIs.

Responsiv Cloud Open Finance Gateway is a single-tenant solution to allow customisation of your APIs depending on the services you offer on your website and the countries you operate in.

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Sustainability reporting isn’t a new trend, however, the scope of information required for sharing expands as legislation is passed.

Seamlessly and efficiently report on your sustainability metrics by integrating your core systems with your ESG platform. Remove the need to manually extract and enter data to reduce time/effort, costs, and error. This data can then efficiently be shared with supply chain partners and consumers as required.

Our skills in integration means we can work with organisations to connect their systems and data directly to IBM Envizi (or their chosen ESG platform) so they can streamline ESG reporting.

Responsiv partner with Circle-8 and Innovate UK as integration specialist on circular textiles project

Responsiv Cloud is hosted in tier 3 UK datacentres. This means they conform to the UK’s grading standards for datacentre security, sustainability, and continuity. Our Cloud offerings are flexible, allowing for scalability as necessary with value based pricing models.

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