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Responsiv provide automation, integration, and security capabilities on cloud and on-premises for Healthcare services. Improve patient experiences by optimising self-service facilities, meet regulatory demand by protecting and safeguarding data, and streamline bottlenecked processes with effective automation and integration.

Responsiv work with various NHS trusts and Healthcare providers in the UK.

Our products and services are available through a number of government frameworks to simplify and streamline procurement. Check them out below!

Video: Asthma Care Pathway on Responsiv Unity

Responsiv Solutions

ESG Reporting
Data Security

Efficient ESG Reporting

Is your ESG reporting manual and time consuming?


The NHS accounts for 25% of public sector carbon dioxide emissions in the UK and 5% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Streamline your ESG reporting processes by integrating key systems throughout your organisation and supply chain with your ESG platform.

Use IBM Envizi for simplified automated reporting structures, accelerated frequency of reports and tracking efforts, and shift to a live database approach. Improve the efficiency of your reporting efforts and identify anomolies in your data for accurate records to boost compliance.

Utilise Responsiv for licence provision and access to integration skills to get you moving on your ESG journey.

Compliant and Secure Data

Are you aware of the threats to your data?


Protecting data isn’t a new idea. However, how you protect your data and ensure regulatory compliance (GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS) can be optimised.

Streamline audit reporting, manage and maintain data access privileges, and improve oversight of data sensitivity, usage, and movement.

Understand your data environments with a data health check, review your data policies, automate data discovery and classification, and control your software licences, implementation, and support with Responsiv.

Support and Upgrade your Legacy

How are you managing your legacy systems?


Accessing, integrating, and supporting legacy systems is likely to become challenging due to the loss of skills for maintaining the hardware and software on which the systems are running.

Legacy systems can be maintained, or they can be updated. Finding the skills to do so in both cases may be difficult, but is critical to keep the services going.

Legacy systems also pose a cyber security threat if left unsupported or out of date. This means the service, and any other services connected to it, are at risk of hacking. Resident and staff data is jeopardised as well as system downtime, making the service unable to fulfil their role in aiding residents.

Responsiv Consulting has experience upgrading customers to modern software, with skills to complete system, workload,  and application migrations as well as skills to support the software following project completion.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform (RCAP) can be used to provide the ‘wrap’ solution to maintain use of legacy systems; giving users a new look and feel of screens, and an eased experience in line with modern best practices.

Name a process, any process.

Are your processes bottlenecking productivity?


Responsiv specialise in business process automation.

Name a business critical process and Responsiv will support and augment process discovery, mapping, documentation, and automation, engaging key stakeholders and in-house teams along the way to improve successful delivery and acceptance.

Improving patient services looks to be at the heart of the NHS’ long term strategy.

Automation of any online self-service portals is a great way to ensure data provided by customers/residents is saved in the correct system of record (SoR) and is not duplicated across the organisation.

This reduces the chances of incorrect or different data being saved in different systems that is then used by staff to contact or manage a customer (we all know the pain of an incorrect phone number or a letter wrong in your name).

Optimising booking services and providing online communication channels can help alleviate some of the strain on accessing treatment. Removing this struggle of booking appointments will help in altering patient attitudes to getting treatment. Ultimately, the sooner a patient gets help, the easier it is to treat them. 

Alternatively, if patients can access help online for smaller issues, they may feel they do not need to visit the GP or A&E. This will take the strain off staff, and allow them to focus on the high-risk patients.

Streamlining treatment pathways can also reduce the time of diagnosis for patients requiring drawn out treatment plans, such as scans or getting specialist insight. To do this, healthcare providers can use process automation to remove bottlenecks, increase productivity, and improve communication.

Automate on the cloud using Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform and Robot Service, or on-prem with Responsiv Unity Process Node.

Enterprise Integration Specialists

Are your integrations secure and resilient?


The use cases for enterprise integration are vast and varied, playing a crucial role in service provision within Healthcare, including accessing and distributing patient information, as well as MAIT initiatives.

Responsiv has vast and deep experience and expertise in industry-critical integration products including IBM ACE and IBM MQ. These skills allow us to support and augment technical teams on an ad-hoc basis as desired.

Develop secure and resilient integrations with Responsiv.

our Customers

Integration and Automation use cases

Electronic Health Records

Integrate health records across healthcare services to streamline access to data.

Enhance patient care, improve clinical decision making, and reduce the backlog.

Automated Care Pathways

Automate known care pathways to reduce the cost and time of treatment.

Engage the relevant departments to efficiently diagnose and treat patients.

Data Protection and Compliance

Monitor data access and usage in line with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.

Automate pattern identification and alerts to reduce time to identify and remediate.

Risk Reporting

Integrate risk management systems to generate standardised reports.

Automate report creation and distribution to relevant stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

Facilitate the collection of feedback and performance data.

Automatically identify areas for improvement and optimisation.

Audit Trails

Ensure all changes to processes, policies, procedures, and controls are consistent.

Integrate with compliance systems to access audit information to facilitate transparency.

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