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Responsiv work with Retailers to provide expertise and delivery of automation, integration, and security solutions.

Responsiv has worked with customers including Waitrose, Hallmark, and Kingfisher (Screwfix, B&Q), providing expertise in IBM MQ and integration; accelerating project delivery for successful business outcomes.

Beyond this, we are also the integration partner investing in Textiles Circularity within the UK, collaborating with Innovate UK, Circle-8, UKFT, and more.

Circular Textiles Economy

This project aims to address sustainability and ethical issues with the textiles industry in the UK, utilising non-reusable textiles (NRTs) instead of sending them to landfill or abroad.

Key Figures

Around 1.05-1.75 million tonnes of textiles is thrown away in the UK annually, 360,000 tonnes of this is clothing that ends up in landfill.

Our Industry Goal

Our goal is to create a body of information that can be used to support investment in UK recycling facilities and capacity, researching improved ways of standardising data categorisations across textile sources to uncover sufficient and valuable recycling supply.

Find out more about our Circular Textiles Supply Chain project by clicking below!

Responsiv Solutions

ESG Reporting
Supply Chain
Data Security

Efficient ESG Reporting

Is your ESG reporting manual and time consuming?


Streamline your ESG reporting processes by integrating key systems throughout your organisation and supply chain with your ESG platform.

Use IBM Envizi for simplified automated reporting structures, accelerated frequency of reports and tracking efforts, and shift to a live database approach. Improve the efficiency of your reporting efforts and identify anomolies in your data for accurate records to boost compliance.

Utilise Responsiv for licence provision and access to integration skills to get you moving on your ESG journey.

Traceability and Visibility

Are you staying on top of demand and due diligence?


Connect data throughout your supply chain to assure oversight and due diligence.

Maintain processes and data to prove regulatory compliance, monitor progress and delays, and improve supplier and partner collaboration.

Contact Responsiv to find out how you can optimise your supply chain traceability and visibility using integration and automation.

Compliant and Secure Data

Are you aware of the threats to your data?


Protecting data isn’t a new idea. However, how you protect your data and ensure regulatory compliance (GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS) can be optimised.

Streamline audit reporting, manage and maintain data access privileges, and improve oversight of data sensitivity, usage, and movement.

Understand your data environments with a data health check, review your data policies, automate data discovery and classification, and control your software licences, implementation, and support with Responsiv.

Name a process, any process.

Are your processes bottlenecking productivity?


Responsiv specialise in business process automation.

Name a business critical process and Responsiv will support and augment process discovery, mapping, documentation, and automation, engaging key stakeholders and in-house teams along the way to improve successful delivery and acceptance.

Automate on the cloud using Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform and Robot Service, or on-prem with Responsiv Unity Process Node.

Enterprise Integration Specialists

Are your integrations secure and resilient?


The use cases for enterprise integration are vast and varied, playing a crucial role in service provision within the retail sector.

Responsiv has vast and deep experience and expertise in industry-critical integration products including IBM ACE and IBM MQ. These skills allow us to support and augment technical teams on an ad-hoc basis as desired.

Develop secure and resilient integrations with Responsiv.

our Customers

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Waitrose Logo
Costco Wholesale
Hallmark Cards
Kingfisher IT Services

Traceability, Visibility, and transparency use cases

Product Traceability

Utilise supply chain transparency.

Receive detailed information about the journey of products.

Inventory Management

Utilise real time tracking.

Monitor inventory levels in real-time to prevent overstock and stock-outs.

Supplier Verification

Trace raw materials back to their source.

Verify authenticity and sustainability of products to ensure compliance with ethical sourcing standards.

Consumer Engagement

Utilise traceability and visibility tools.

Tell the story behind products, highlighting sustainability initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance

Utilise traceability tools.

Comply with regulation by providing accurate data.


Supply Chain Optimisation

Utilise predictive analytics.

Analyse supply chain data to identify patterns and improve efficiency.

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