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Responsiv works with local councils and government agencies to deliver fixed price solutions, mentoring, and much more…

As citizens we are bombarded by polished websites and highly efficient and capable services, we are used to iPhones and other gadgets that at one time were “state of the art” but are now daily expectations. Councils and government bodies are not immune and are challenged by the need to balance the increasing demand for information and ease of use with the rising complexity and costs of meeting those demands. Often maintaining and operating the channel can be more demanding than the initial deployment.

Over 90% of CEO’s in Local Government believe technology will enable them to engage with communities in new ways.

Eight in Ten also believe that technology will improve service delivery but while many accept these challenges exist and technology is key in solving them, there is big question about their ability to adopt and make the most of the new technology. Only three in ten believe that their council is confidently embracing new technologies such as AI, API management, and robotics.

The pace of technological advancements coupled with their complexity mean councils struggle to maximise these technologies and need help achieving quicker time to value. At Responsiv we believe that the challenges you face can be categorised in four ways:

Managing Cost

Councils, along with any business, have costs that are annual, costs that are transactional, and costs that are entirely unexpected.

Responsiv will work with you to match costs with benefits. We use financial mechanisms and contractual structures to more faithfully match our costs and fees to your value, and we are open to any conversations that can help us deliver value to our customers. 

We also work with you to manage and apportion risk. We believe that as the IT professionals we are well placed to understand delivery risk, and innovation risk. We have contracting structures that help us demonstrate that we deliver to our promises.

Subscription and Cloud Hosting

Solution as a Service: We build and host a solution built specifically for you. You pay an annual fee and use the solution. Augment, refine, and extend based on a set of agreed rates or outcome prices.

Platform as a Service: We provide Responsiv Unity as a hosted platform, giving you complete access to the software to deploy your own applications.

Subscription Licencing: Avoid capex with subscription licensing for software running on your own servers. Attach them to a Responsiv Unity Extended Support and we will monitor and respond to incidents.

Outcome Based Contracts

Solution as a Service delivers the outcome you need, hosted and managed, for an agreed subscription and minimum term. It generally includes a rate agreement for future development to help you plan and budget for extensions and refinements.

Outcome based contracts are used by Responsiv to deliver specific outcomes that do not require ongoing hosting and support. These fixed price arrangements allow you to offload delivery risk, manage budgets, and have confidence that Responsiv know how to deliver to a budget.

Assistance agreements are used when we cannot control the delivery, or you simply need additional capacity to complete your own projects. We work to an agreed schedule and can provide skilled consultants for mentoring, reviews, and at critical points in a project on a part-time basis - saving you money while providing perspective and informed insights.

T&M and Managed Services

Team as a Service: We provide the entire team on an Assistance basis to allow you to wrap their deliveries into larger programmes of work. We are experienced and happy to work with multiple vendors, partners, and stakeholders.

Time and Materials is the contractual basis for our Assistance contracts. We always work to be accurate with estimates and planning, however on occasion the number or magnitude of the unknowns, or uncontrolled mean that we must work using T&M rather than fixed price contracts.

Managed Services are provided with or without hosting. We can remotely support your systems wherever they are located (subject to survey) or we can move them into a Responsiv Cloud datacentre and host them too.

A recent survey showed 74% of council respondents believe that councils will get into serious financial crisis in the next year. We are here to help.

Councils, along with other businesses, have costs that are annual, costs that are transactional, and costs that are entirely unexpected. Responsiv will work with you to match costs with benefits.

Citizen First

Many local councils have initiatives to put the citizen first, and to create a single view of citizen. Many businesses have gone through similar initiatives with customer-first, and single view of customer (SVOC). The banks, for example, struggled to move from knowing their customers only as accounts, to understanding how accounts were owned by a customer. Councils are taking a similar problem and tackling it as we speak.

Responsiv Unity has, in a single platform, all the functionality needed to authenticate citizens to be who they are, and to provide the current identifiers to allow them to access information stored in disparate systems around your own buildings and those of your partners.

Our Responsiv Unity platform delivers enterprise integration, process automation, security, business rules, and all that you need to monitor and manage the platform. It is the glue that helps to identify citizens and connect them to their information, and to your processes. The platform supports such things as:

  • GDPR Processes for subject access request and other subject initiated activities
  • Housing applications and case management
  • Bin collections and refuse management
  • School opening and snow day management

If you have a process that is small or large, complex or simple, requires information from existing systems or is entirely human input – then let’s discuss how Responsiv can help. Our “Solution as a Service” approach allows you to buy just one process at a time. We install the software and host it, you specify the process, we build and support the process. You pay for the process (not all the rest).



Focus on people

Uniquely identify individuals and providing them with a way to authenticate themselves. Recognise familial connections and understanding relationships to property
Central index of people that live in the area and their status (homeowner, rental, temporary, etc)
Responsiv Unity

Unity provides a complete business transformation platform encompassing business automation, systems integration, API management and more, all delivered through a single management and monitoring infrastructure. It is built using IBM’s market leading technology, giving you the assurance of scalability, reliability and functionality at a price point that reduces barriers to entry

Responsiv Assist

Is a customisable assistance offering that provides remote support for your business automation solutions. It provides solution support, rather than specific product support to assure a holistic support arrangement.

Communicate Effectively

Adjust communications based on culture, language, age, and personal preference Language and tone Channel and topic Frequency
Personal profiles that can be managed by the individual and the council. Contains information about GDPR consents, personal preferences, and external identifiers.

Includes familial connection information and special needs (vulnerable or not etc)

Responsiv Solutions have a combined experience of over 100 years of architecture, development and system administration on IBM middleware technologies. We have brought this experience to Unity which provides a “Solution in a box” platform based on these best practices.

You can find out more about Unity here: https://responsiv.co.uk/unity-platform/

A key principle of assist is that Responsiv becomes an extension of your team and is available to offer assistance as and when required; in order to help increase time to value and maximise competitive advantage through ensuring projects are delivered as soon as is possible to the highest level of quality

Deliver to the right audience

Vulnerable individuals young and old Businesses and charities Teenagers, young people, and the general population
Index of Priorities and services delivered to the individual or family. Index of property Index of grants and allowances
You can find out more about Assist here: https://responsiv.co.uk/assist/

Your residents expect to have a consistent view of their data, entering data once and have it available everywhere, interact with you in ways which suit them, particularly apps, and be able to ask questions at any time of the day or night and get responses. This is the experience they have when dealing with their favoured suppliers in their day to day lives.

While there appears to be a strong desire within councils to deliver such an experience, integration remains a key blocker.

Take Health and social care for example, while there is an appetite for local councils and NHS to join forces to reform local public services barriers to integration remain apparent with strategic, cultural, and siloed technology being the main prohibitor. Underpinning all of these requirements and any digital transformation is the ability to quickly integrate applications and interfaces to consumers and automate the processes with which they interact.

Efficient Service Delivery

Digital disruption is caused when technology advances occur in such rapidity that companies have no time to become familiar with one product before another takes its place. The new products are always more shiny and feature rich; and citizens and staff love and demand the new. Local councils are relentlessly trying to get ahead of the technology curve, it contorts how they operate, and ultimately causes all organisations to constantly rethink what they do.

Digital disruption and new technologies can provide councils with new ways to provide value and better serve the needs of their communities. New technology must be managed and controlled – it cannot become the maker of policy.

Focus on people

Communicate Effectively

School availability and status:
Snow days, COVID notices, broken heating, the Responsiv Unity platform can manage them all.
NHS and care in the community: Connect all the stakeholders and keep the subject informed, accelerate hospital discharges in a safe and secure way. Manage appointments and confirmations to gain efficiency.
Housing support: Housing bid management and tenancy applications, deal with the paperwork in one place, and control changes to status and authorisations in a single package

Deliver the right services

Bin collections: Missed collections, dangerous substances, business fees, and management of bin replacements are all examples of what one local council is using Responsiv Unity to solve. Take a look at our references for details.
Public spaces and services: Management of incidents and work-related injuries, equipment management, and reminders for required paperwork.
Schools: Supporting stock requisitions, teacher appointments, and much. much more.

How can Responsiv Help

We have been helping clients through the challenges of Digital Transformation through Integration and Automation for many years, it is what we do. We have captured decades of experience and IP and created offerings more aligned to the price and simplicity requirements of Local governments, which still deliver the benefits and capabilities you would expect of market leading technology. 

Responsiv Unity for Councils

The expectations of Residents of their council are changing, and the way residents interact with their council is constantly evolving.

Local authorities are having to change the way they deliver and offer services in order to provide the digital experience residents now expect. Responsiv implemented Responsiv Unity with a local council to enable them to automate their waste collection process. Watch our video to learn how the solution resulted in improved service quality for residents, through the use of digital self-service channels, and reduced costs for the council.

What next?

If these issues resonate with you and your institution and the value we could bring to your organisation, get in touch at sales@responsiv.co.uk or better still here.

We look forward to working with you.

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