Data Security

Responsiv provide data security solutions for your IT environments, on cloud and on-prem.

Is your data at risk?

The power data provides means it is valuable, and thus, a target for cyber criminals.

Maintaining secure and compliant data environments goes beyond the database and into the wider organisation and supply chain. You never know where the next threat may originate; phishing, malicious insiders, cloud misconfiguration… the list goes on.

Utilise technology to secure your data.

Gain visibility of your environments and attack surfaces, data usage and user access, and get ahead of the threats.
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IBM Guardium
IBM Randori
Responsiv Cloud Security Service

Automate data discovery and classification, monitor activity and protect data, accelerate audits and compliance, and understand your data risks.

IBM Guardium is a data protection tool that monitors database security and provides recommentdations on how to optimise your data environments. It allows you to control data environments by applying rules and persmissions on a granular level and set alerts for when data is accessed and by whom.

IBM Guardium allows you to detect internal and external threats by auditing activity with advanced analytics and machine learning across your chosen data sources, on premises and in the cloud.

Responsiv Consulting carry out data health checks, review data policies, and support optimisation of your Guardium installation in line with business needs, including regulation reporting.

IBM Randori is an attack surface management solution that continuously and automatically tests access to your IT estate until it finds a way in or identifies a threat. The solution provides contextualised findings on a unified platform that can then be acted upon by technical teams to mitigate the security threats.

IBM Randori helps organisations to:

    • clarify cyber risk using asset discovery (perfect for decentralised and disparate IT estates)
    • drive efficiency with automated vulnerability scanning
    • streamline operations with integrations compatible with your existing security stack

Responsiv Consulting partner with your teams to configure your solution in line with policy and regulation. Ensure your data and IT environments are secure and compliant.

Responsiv partner with CyberCrowd to help customers create and maintain robust security systems. The partnership delivers services to enable businesses to navigate and combat security challenges.

Services include, but are not limited to:

    • Penetration Testing
    • 24/7 managed security operations centre (SOC)
    • Cyber risk assessments
    • Certification readiness
    • Incident response

CyberCrowd aim to enable clients to thrive securely in today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

Ensure your cloud infrastructure security is effective at protecting against external and internal threats.

Responsiv Cloud Security Service allows organisations to set up cloud security and user access the way they want, whilst staying secure. It is available on all Responsiv Cloud Platforms and available for use with IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Responsiv Cloud Security Service provides different access controls to manage users and supports fine grained authorisation policies. These includes attribute-based controls, role-based controls, user-based controls, and context and time-based controls to ensure your cloud environments are secure.

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