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Responsiv Assist is our remote lightweight, annual, subscription-based assistance service; supporting your people, systems, and projects when problems need solving.

Responsiv Assist provides remote support, incident response, cloud hosting, developer and operator assistance, upgrades and more.

Clients simply select the IBM technologies their organisation needs supporting and our ITIL-based Responsiv Assist Portal provides them with remote access to our Subject Matter Experts.

This team will be on hand to- support their organisation through incidents with their chosen products, assist during an upgrade or perhaps when a developer is stuck!

A quick and easy way to bring in deep-skilled experts; only when you need them

Our Responsiv Assist staff have access to a database of knowledge, personal experience, as well as our consultants and partners; allowing them to tackle the most obscure problems.

Supporting People

Use Responsiv Unity Flex Support to provide your technical people with someone to ask for trusted advice, thought leadership, and help with problem resolution. RUFP can be used to answer questions regarding any of our “supported products”, as well as more general IT questions, for example architecture guidance, design good practice, and “why doesn’t my SSL certificates work”.

Supporting Systems

Use Responsiv Unity Extended Support for incident (system return to operation) and active support (monitoring, patching) for Responsiv Unity installations in addition to the basic warrantee.

Use Responsiv Assist Incident Support for help when the sky falls down and you are in a rush to get back to business.

Responsiv Assist also provide a one-stop service for our “as a Service” offerings and Cloud hosting.

Supporting Projects

Responsiv Assist provide support to our Responsiv Consultants with facilitated networking to get answers and keep projects delivering.

Responsiv Assist Flex Support is also used to extend our mentoring programmes to provide a backstop for confidence for your teams.

Responsiv Assist Flex Support is also the way that we deliver “hyper-care” and ongoing support for projects and solutions delivered by Responsiv.

Remote Support

Remote support uses credits to track work done, and can be used at your discretion to get answers to questions, and support for incidents and patching for any product listed on the “supported products” manifest.

Remote support does not include incident response. Severity-1 tickets cannot be raised, however it can be used to support recovery from an incident.

Incident Response

Incident Response is delivered using the Incident Response or custom agreement. It is sold as a term licence against a specified subset of supported products.

You can call Responsiv only when there is a system incident with one of the supported products.

Responsiv Unity Incident Support.

Responsiv Unity Custom Support (used to support IBM products that are no longer economic to have supported by IBM).

Managed Service & Hosting

Managed Services are provided under custom agreements that include an element of credit and incident management. They operate in a similar way to Remote Support and Incident Response but also include regular management meetings and may have direct integration between the service desk and the supported platform.

Responsiv use Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud to host our own SaaS offerings.

How Can I Use My Credits?

Assist credits is a ticket system with a minimum tariff of one credit and should take aproximately an hour to resolve. A Responsiv analyst will review the ticket and should they suspect this is a more complex query or request, the number of credits will be estimated and agreed with you before work on the ticket begins. 

Credits are purchased on an annual basis with additional credits (top-ups) available to be purchased at any time during the agreement. Unused credits (at the end of the agreement) are forfeited.

Take a look at some examples of how you can utilise your credits with Responsiv Assist:

Assist Remote
Workshop Days
Resource Review
Incident Managed
Education Courses
Mentoring Session
Patching Service
Technical Investigation

Credits: 1

Service request, email, or phone call requiring a single question and answer. Max 1 hour per work per credit.

Credits: 18

We provide a consultant to lead or participate in your workshop at your site. Expenses for a single day in the UK and excluding flights is included in the cost.

Document Review

Credits: 14

Remotely review and comment on your documents, this is per document, per review (one pass). We expect documents to be approximately 20 pages, and you must provide a list of no more than 4 specific perspectives (review for performance, resilience, etc.)

Ad-hoc Review

Credits: As Agreed

We can review Blue Works Live processes, larger documents, and perform technical investigations. In this case you raise a ticket and we agree the effort before we begin.

Credits: 50

Over the shoulder remote support from start to finish for a incident which is impacting business operations, i.e. system down. (Up to 5 days)

Credits: 0

Available at a discount when you have an active Assist contract. You must inform us of your discount entitlement when ordering courses.

Credits: 5

Includes a two-hour mentoring session on a specific topic. We will prepare for the mentoring call, which may include development of examples or presentations. We reserve the right to charge additional credits for complex or very specific topics.

Credits: 14

Fixed price review and application of patches to a Unity platform subject to authorisation.

Credits: 7

Calculated per half day of effort. A technical investigation will result in a solution report being provided in the form of an email or detailed instructions in a ticket.

For any questions about how Responsiv Assist can help support your software, get in touch!

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