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Responsiv Cloud Platforms are secure, scalable, cost-effective, and built on industry-leading middleware and software.

They are provided as a managed service to reduce dependency on internal resources, and allow them to focus on key business objectives for service transformation and efficiency.

Responsiv Cloud offerings are designed to simplify hosting and system support.

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All Responsiv Cloud Platforms come with…

Managed Service

Managed service for hosting, upgrading, and patching your cloud platform.

This includes all your deployed processes and integrations.

Security Service

Consistently apply user and data controls for your cloud platform.

Simplify your movers, joiners, leavers process, securely.

Dev, Test, Prod

Dev, test, and prod environments for secure workload development.

Available across all Responsiv Cloud Platforms.

cloud platforms designed for you

Responsiv Cloud Platforms are available depending on your business need.

All Responsiv Cloud Platforms are provided as a managed service and pre-integrated with our innovative security service.

 Check out our insights on cloud features, cloud migration, and FAQs below

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform

Do you need to optimise your business processes to improve productivity and efficiency?

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform (RCAP) provides automation and integration capabilities in one place. 

Automate mundane and repetitive processes and integrate with the necessary systems and resources at the right stages.

There is no limit on the number of processes you choose to automate, creating a scalable and flexible solution. 

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Responsiv Cloud Integration Platform

Do you need to efficiently access systems across your organisation?

Responsiv Cloud Integration Platform (RCIP) is the solution for organisations that need to access data and systems across the enterprise without automation capabilities.

RCIP has enterprise integration capabilities for API hosting, events (including from IoT devices), change data capture, and other real-time notifications, as well as built-in connectors for SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and more.

Responsiv Cloud Robot Service

Want to streamline access to interfaces and portals intended for humans?

Utilise the power of robotic process automation (RPA) on cloud to automate previously human-centric tasks and interfaces for increased process efficiency.

This includes performing actions such as copying and pasting information, accessing portals, completing keystrokes, and more.

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Responsiv Cloud Security Service

Want to ensure your cloud is kept secure?

The Responsiv Cloud Security Service is pre-integrated with all Responsiv Cloud Platforms to ensure secure and consistent user access management.

    • Locally manage users
    • Connect to external identity providers for Single Sign-On
    • Create federated trust associations

Cloud Hosting

Responsiv Cloud 

Responsiv provide our hosted managed services from 4D UK data centres based across the south of England. Each location is accredited and can provide dedicated connections to the Public Services Network (PSN) and have PCI compliance.

Our Hosted managed Services include all hosting and management costs for planned data use. Additional charges may be levied for unplanned storage or network capacity.

Responsiv Cloud is regulated and controlled

ISO27001 is the leading certification for supporting information security requiring annual audits of information security management systems, physical data centre security and internal processes.

ISO27001 helps to ensure that:

    • Risks and threats to information security are properly assessed and managed
    • Physical security processes are properly implemented and enforced
    • Audits are regularly conducted including tests of security, incident management, business continuity and security monitoring

By holding the ISO27001 certification it demonstrates compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements for security, privacy, incident reporting and IT governance.


Microsoft Azure

We use Azure to host custom services that will be part of a larger Microsoft ecosystem, or that have been purchased from the Microsoft Marketplace. These services are fully managed by Responsiv and provided as a Service to you.

Our Azure services are often available as self-hosted solutions to allow you to incorporate them into your own Microsoft hosting agreements, and position them into your environment appropriately.

Azure hosting is available across the world, however for most of our UK customers the UK hosting locations are used to accommodate GDPR and other regulatory needs.

IBM Cloud

Responsiv Cloud uses the IBM cloud platform for hosting large scale projects, and those that require international deployment. For example, if you have a cloud system that will be used in multiple different geographies, we can deploy the software locally to where it will be used and move data internally to the cloud to manage security, performance, and cost.

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