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Responsiv Consulting provides advice for organisations that need to integrate and automate their data. This can be strategic guidance for how an organisation moves forward, projects focused on making use of particular data sets, or implementing technical solutions that deliver your business needs.

Deliver high quality advisory and implementation services

Responsiv can help at any stage of your project lifecycle.

From guiding business leaders on how connecting and automating the use of data can benefit your business, through implementation of innovative solutions or enhacing existing capability, to support, including taking on existing infrastructure and managing it on your behalf. 


Prejudging what can and can’t be achieved limits the vision of the possible, and organisations often misunderstand what is achievable and what the real blockers are.

Review the constraints, time and budget, available skills, and operational cost. Develop a target operating model and supporting solutions that is practical and can be built and tested, that users will accept, and that allows an iterative development and transition.


The quicker the build, the faster the benefit. Whether you are looking for competitive advantage, reduced cost, or improved customer service the quicker we deliver, the faster you see value.

Responsiv has a reputation for on-time delivery of high-quality solutions – we have accelerators, experience, and a passion for quality.

The build can be iteratively released to reduce risk and help staff to understand any changes to working practices. We work alongside your existing environment and value the skills and knowledge you bring to the project.


Moving to the production environment means the demand for incident response, maintenance, and monitoring increases. Responsiv Assist provides support and maintenance so your teams are not distracted by these mundane tasks.

New releases can continue as you discover new opportunities to add new features and benefits. Responsiv Assist provides hypercare to intensify support when releases are happening.

 Understanding Customer Need

Data Quality
Data Integration Strategy
Application Integration
Process Definition

Client Need

Most organisation’s data has some quality issues. If these are not identified, quantified, and suitably addressed, projects can fail to achieve the impact that was intended.

Addressing these pragmatically and consistently ensures priority issues are tackled at an appropriate cost and timescale.

Our Response

Responsiv complete assessments of data quality, quantifying their impact to the project, wider business, and the steps needed to address gaps.

This provides a prioritised and cost sensitive plan that delivers project success without requiring ‘perfect’ data.

Client Need

All organisations do integration, but often not very well, point-to-point and note strategically.

Poor integration strategies can lead to a complex infrastructure with different technologies, approaches leading to inconsistent outcomes, data quality issues, skill and knowledge gaps and unnecessary cost and inflexibility.

Our Response

Responsiv assess the business issues, existing infrastructure and technology, available skills, and the desired goals to design pragmatic strategy that fits the business priorities, available budget, and timescale.

We can propose tactical and strategic improvements that builds an effective capability in-line with business need.

Client Need

The investment in applications and the data they manage increases in value as it is reused appropriately between the stakeholders who can benefit from using it.

Understanding the pros and cons of different options is critical to making cost-effective, capable, integration strategies that can evolve in line with business need.

Our Response

Responsiv can integrate the applications integration options, existing capabilities and strategy to propose the best solution to meet a project needs, whilst also considering future benefits and wider company needs and aspirations.

Client Need

The benefits of automation come from well understood processes that represent the detailed needs of the business and optimised to minimise time and cost.

Implementing poorly understood processes without sufficient definition leads to solutions that miss key business requirements, hindering progress.

Our Response

Responsiv provide a structured approach to work sensitively and effectively with functional teams to uncover, define and document your business processes.

These can be understood and governed by the people who know the business and implemented technology solutions in managed and automated ways.