supporting your security transformation journey

Our partnership with CyberCrowd is focused on providing comprehensive client support in creating and maintaining robust security systems.

Our partnership provides a range of expert cyber security services as well as access to a team of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals with expertise in the latest threats and attack methodologies.

CyberCrowd deliver top-tier cybersecurity services globally that enable businesses to navigate and combat the dynamic and sophisticated security challenges of today.

Services include:

    •  24/7 Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)
    • Incident Response
    • Cyber Risk Assessments
    • CISO/CIO as a Service
    • Training and Awareness
    • Data Protection
    • Certification Readiness
    • Assistance in developing a strategic vision for cybersecurity maturity

About CyberCrowd

CyberCrowd excels in delivering top-tier cybersecurity services globally.

Through a fusion of advanced technology and expert human insight, we provide a range of comprehensive services, including 24/7 Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), Incident Response, Cyber Risk Assessments, CISO/CIO as a service, and Training.

Our certified security experts offer tailored solutions for both small businesses and large enterprises, ensuring robust protection in the digital-first era.

At CyberCrowd, we are dedicated to enabling our clients to thrive securely in today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Delivered via CyberCrowd’s 24/7 UK Security Operations Centre

CyberCrowd’s certified UK Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides managed services for proactive threat detection, investigation, and response. Utilising cutting-edge technology and expert management, we offer 24×7 real-time threat monitoring, whether your infrastructure is on the cloud or on-premises.

In today’s regulatory environment, where business leaders are increasingly accountable for organisational reputation in the face of rising cyber incidents, our SOC services ensure continuous coverage, maintaining a robust and resilient security posture for your organisation.

Incident Response Tabletop

Discussion-based sessions where participants talk about their roles and responsibilities, activities, and key decision points for a pre-agreed scenario.

Incident Response (IR) tabletop exercising is an important simulated scenario for testing your response plan to security breaches.

These sessions help identify weaknesses, build team cohesion, and increase overall preparedness.


Assessment Services

A full range of Penetration Testing services is provided for infrastructure, web apps, and mobile apps, including phishing, social engineering, and PCI scanning.

By assessing if an IT System is susceptible to a cyber attack you will be able to plan, repair and strengthen your organisation’s infrastructure defences against such attack.

CyberCrowd Pen Testers operate with Security Clearance (SC) and Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV) level 2 certifications. Qualifications that warrant them carrying out tests on organisations operating with critical national infrastructure, defence, government, and NHS organisations.

Experts as a Service

Whether you’re after a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), with Expert as a Service your needs are covered with a professional and capable team.

Organisations that use CISO as a Service profit from providing on-demand access to cybersecurity experts and executives, as well as the ability to assign work to security specialists so they can concentrate on their core business objectives.

The CyberCrowd Expert as a Service helps to lead strategic conversation, shape your organisation’s cybersecurity programmes, and roadmap relevant protections in support of your overall objectives.


Training, Awareness, and Certification Readiness

Cyber Awareness training is designed to keep employees from triggering security breaches. Where a blanket approach is not effective it, may be more effective to use a training programme led by a security professional.

Incorporate security by design into your organisation through customised or platform-based cybersecurity training and awareness.

We also offer a complete range of certification readiness, including Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and DSP Toolkit.

Data Protection

Maintaining data protection compliance is often seen as a burden, however our unique approach to data protection consultancy often has far reaching commercial benefits which have a positive impact throughout.

Our data protection consultancy is seamlessly integrated with a clear and concise data protection gap analysis, ensuring your compliance is achieved and maintained.

All reports will contain as standard:

    • Executive summary of findings
    • Key recommendations
    • Priorities and risk levels for each area of review
    • Commentary and recommendations for each area of review

Elevating Cybersecurity Maturity

An effective security posture needs to incorporate people, process and technology and covers incident prevention, detection and response. Prevention based strategies are no longer adequate and organisations need to focus on cyber resilience.

91% of business leaders recently surveyed responded that cyber security was important to their business; only 57% said they had a formal cyber/information security strategy.

CyberCrowd offer expert guidance to help organisations develop a strategic vision for advancing their cybersecurity maturity.