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Unlocking Value from your ibm software

Responsiv is your trusted partner for all things IBM. Our suite of services empower your organisation and enhance the efficiency and value of your IBM software estate.

Our focus on reducing support costs, utilising licences, facilitating and completing cloud migration, and providing flexible service options, enables your organisation to navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence.

Choose Responsiv for a future-ready IBM software ecosystem that aligns with your business objectives, maximises value, and ensures a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

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Managing IBM Support Costs

Organisations that are faced with increasing costs of software support and maintenance can save money with Responsiv.

Responsiv provide support for products that are no longer supported by IBM. Our extended support offerings deliver incident recovery services to extend the life of your project. 

Responsiv offer managed services and software upgrades for self-hosted middleware and applications.

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Optimising IBM Licences

Under-utilised licences represent untapped potential within your organisation. Responsiv specialises in unlocking value from these dormant assets. Our innovative solutions and Responsiv Consulting offerings turn idle resources into strategic assets for your business.

Responsiv assess your continuing IBM software needs, and review ways to optimise licenses and cost. We review required capacity against licensed software, the terms of your existing discounts and licences, and ways to consolidate licences to reduce overall costs. Finally, we negotiate with IBM on you behalf to access discounts and optimise costs.

IBM Middleware Migration to Azure

Responsiv experts offer seamless migration of IBM middleware and applications to the cloud.

Responsiv is uniquely positioned to help you with both the technical and the commercial during your migration to cloud. We are well placed to negotiate the best licensing terms when converting your on-prem licences.

Responsiv is partnered with IBM and Microsoft.


Custom Solutions

IBM software is a vital component of your environment but may not align with your IT strategy. Responsiv is the solution.

Our Custom solutions are used to migrate non-cloud native middleware and vintage applications to the cloud.

Our services are supported and hosted on IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Responsiv Cloud platforms to ensure flexibility and adaptability.

Managed Services

Responsiv managed services for Self-Hosted, Cloud, and SaaS solutions assure that your software installations are actively monitored and supported.

We improve adherence to UK Cyber Essentials, SOX, DORA, and ISO27001 regulations by ensuring that software is supported and actively monitored and maintained.

Responsiv Assist support offerings save money by giving you access to a broad range of skills and experience, as well as a fully staffed service desk.

Use Responsiv Consulting to reduce time to value for your IBM investments.

IBM Product Overview

App Connect
API Connect

Business and Robotic Process Automation

IBM BAW and IBM RPA are both powerful automation tools, so how do you know which one is best for you?

RPA is a great ‘getting started’ automation software. Finding out how automation can benefit your organisation is best done by starting off small. Picking tasks that are visible to stakeholders and users is crucial to winning support for future projects and proving the business case.

BAW can be seen as the step up from RPA. Put simply, BAW is a process orchestration tool. Whereas RPA focuses on completing one task repeatedly as necessary, BAW manages the whole process – automated and manual steps. If removing one mundane task from staff’s lives puts you on a pedestal, imagine what removing a mundane process will do.

Responsiv specialise in business process automation solutions and provide trusted advice and expertise for implementing your automation software.

Data security to the max.

IBM Guardium is a database security solution that monitors your data environments and user access controls.

It helps prevent data leaks from databases, data warehouses and big data environments, ensures information integrity, and automates compliance controls and reporting in line with defined rules.

Identifying vulnerabilities in your data environment is the first step to locking down access and securing sensitive information and systems.

Responsiv has specialist skills in IBM Guardium, providing expert knowledge and insight into implementing the software for optimal data governance.

Attack surface monitoring, continuously

IBM Randori is IBM’s attack surface management solution.

As IT landscapes grow with the trend of digital transformation and the move to SaaS and decentralised IT buying reduces oversight of applications, the abundance of attack surfaces increases and the ability to monitor them decreases.

A security guard continuously patrolling your entire IT estate, IBM Randori prioritises your most vulnerable attack surfaces from the perspective of an attacker.

Penetration tests are snapshots of a specific period of time, providing an unrealistic view of your attack surfaces due to the lack of real-time data and unrealistic accessibility.

Responsiv provide licensing for IBM Randori, and utilise our partner, CyberCrowd for expertise in pentesting.

A fan favourite

IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) allows customers to instantly connect applications, data, legacy systems, and modern technologies across all their environments.

IBM ACE is the latest revision of an old favourite. You may be using an earlier version of the product under a different name.

ACE supports a wide range of integration styles, from traditional service-oriented architectures to modern ones, such as APIs, micro-services, and events. App Connect provides a single integration platform for the entire business in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

API management made simple

If you have any concerns about the reliability, security, performance, or manageability of your API infrastructure you should be looking at API Connect. 

API Connect offers an integrated solution to deploy and manage all your API needs, including monetising the use of your APIs to mobile application providers.

Responsiv can provide the software, full cycle project support, and licence optimisation. We offer fixed price consulting for API build and management initiatives, including PSD2 and other standards compliant projects. 

ESG reporting, simplified

IBM Envizi ESG Suite helps organisations simplify the process of capturing, consolidating, managing, and analysing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) data across siloed data sources.

This modular and comprehensive solution can help organisations:

  • Build a data foundation through a single system of record
  • Streamline reporting and disclosure to meet stakeholder requirements
  • Accelerate decarbonisation by data driven insight

Responsiv provide licences for IBM Envizi, as well as the integration skills required to access the relevant and hard to reach data sources.

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