Responsiv Resale


Responsiv work with different vendors to allow us to objectively deliver solutions to our customers that use appropriate technology

Deliver Responsiv Cloud and Responsiv Unity on Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or OpenShift

Responsiv can deliver Responsiv Unity and Responsiv Cloud on Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or OpenShift. Our approach is to use software that can be independently operated and maintained by our customers, and that will deliver an effective solution.

Our strategic technology partners are IBM, Microsoft, and RedHat. Our strategic cloud partners are Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

IBM Business Automation Workflow

BAW delivers a powerful process management platform. Processes have a clear set of activities and well-defined outcomes. They can be designed and built to include human tasks, calls to internal and to external systems, or calculations, and measured using this software.

IBM App Connect Enterprise

Responsiv pairs this software with the Application Connect Enterprise (ACE) to provide external control of access to systems, and can provide exotic implementation patterns, for example to implement GDPR controls.

IBM Guardium

IBM Guardium is a database security product that helps prevent data leaks from databases, data warehouses and big data environments, ensures information integrity, and automates compliance controls in line with defined rules.

It can be configured to discover, classify, analyse, protect, and control access to sensitive data.

IBM Blueworks Live

IBM Blueworks Live (BWL) is a highly collaborative environment that supports process discovery, wide-scale stakeholder engagement, and the ability to define a process suitable for export directly to IBM BAW.

Responsiv Consultants can support your discovery, design, and process mapping. 

IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect integrates with ACE to allow Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) services and APIs intended for internal use to be securely exposed to targeted external audiences without further code.

This product includes virtual DataPower to securely host your APIs and allow security and load shaping policies to be deployed from a single console.

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Our partnership with IBM means we can help you efficiently purchase IBM software and maintain license compliance. Responsiv Assist Extended Support maintains legacy IBM software, or cost effectively upgrades you to the latest versions. Responsiv is uniquely placed to help you to get the most from your IBM investment.

Training and Education Partner - RedHat

Our partnership with Red Hat means that we can deliver solutions on Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform (RCAP) is fully compatible with Red Hat software, and is now available through the Red Hat Marketplace.

Partner - Microsoft

Our partnership with Microsoft gives us a choice of technologies and access to Microsoft Azure, BI-Tools, and Microsoft services to deliver key business objectives. Responsiv software integrates with Azure Security to support Single-Sign-On, and shared identities. Find the Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform on the Azure Marketplace.

CyberCrowd Colour Logo

Our partnership with CyberCrowd is focused on providing comprehensive support in creating and maintaining a robust security system to clients across the UK and beyond.

Resale Partners

Red Hat

Responsiv provide services and expert insights around the IBM Business Automation software suite including its adoption and use, developing for, and installation. We also provide support for business cases and fixed price delivery projects.

The IBM Digital Business Automation software suite delivers a set of capabilities that enable companies to design and manage end-to-end workflows, automate business decisions, visualise business processes, build applications on content, extract and organise information with AI and automate repetitive tasks.

  • IBM Business Automation Workflow
  • IBM Operational Decision Manager
  • IBM Blueworks Live
  • IBM Content Manager

Our long term experience with IBM products, such as IBM MQ, IBM Message Broker, WebSphere Application Server, AIX, Back versions of DataPower, and the rest, allow us to provide extended support for many of those products at rates that make it worth a conversation.

If you are considering using an IBM software product, or moving to the IBM Cloud, then Responsiv can support you with knowledge and experience, as well as considerable skills. We resell IBM software and provide Responsiv Assist extended support for developers and operations.

Our partnership with Red Hat pre-dates the IBM acquisition and provides Responsiv with access to Red Hat software, specifically Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and associated products. We resell all Red Hat products but focus mainly on OpenShift and RHEL.

  • Providing Red Hat software products, OpenShift skills and insights
  • OpenShift architects, designers, and IT Specialists, and Linux designers and specialists
  • Negotiating favourable contract terms

Red Hat® Cloud Suite is a combination of integrated Red Hat technologies you can use to build a cloud infrastructure, develop cloud-native apps, and orchestrate deployments across hybrid IT environments. This bundle includes all Red Hat’s cloud infrastructure products, including:

Red Hat OpenStack® Platform  |  Red Hat Virtualisation  |  Red Hat CloudForms

Red Hat Satellite  |  Red Hat Ceph Storage  |  Red Hat OpenShift®


Responsiv provide architects and technical specialists to help you design a container platform to suit your particular needs, and can help you plan for a move to (or from) cloud, with full support for Red Hat installations.

Our partnership with Microsoft is focused on cloud hosting on Azure and integration of our Responsiv Unity and Responsiv Cloud product sets into the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

This partnership represents our strategic desire to fully embrace integrating our products into the Microsoft ecosystem, and deliver effective and cost-beneficial solutions to our Microsoft-centric customers.

Our partnership provides us with access to skilled resources, and the ability to provision hosted managed services directly on the Azure cloud.

Services specific to Microsoft include:

  • Providing our customers with Microsoft Azure hosting, Microsoft software, and Responsiv Unity on Azure
  • Navigating and assuring that all the required parts, extenders, entitlements, and add-ons are accounted for project pricing
  • Properly sizing software acquisition and project completion
  • Negotiating favourable contract terms