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Responsiv Resale – IBM

Responsiv is an IBM partner

Responsiv work with IBM to deliver enterprise connectivity, enterprise automation, and cloud hosted solutions

Responsiv has been an IBM partner since 2015 and our relationship with IBM dates back for over 20 years. We have great relationships with the IBM sales organisation, as well as with the IBM labs that develop much of the software listed on these pages. 

If you need advice about how best to work with big blue, or help navigating the many product choices and ways to assemble your enterprise solution – then it’s worth a phone call with one of our IBM specialists.

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IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW)

Responsiv can provide the software, full cycle project support, and licence optimisation.

Process Management

BAW delivers a powerful process management platform. Processes have a clear set of activities and well-defined outcomes. They can be designed and built to include human tasks, calls to internal and to external systems, or calculations, and measured using this software.

Case Management

Sequences of activity that have a general direction but can take many different pathways are better implemented as cases. In this situation a caseworker performs activity from a restricted list against the “case”, which is then allowed to progress through different states to completion.

IBM Application Connect Enterprise (ACE)

Responsiv pairs this software with the Application Connect Enterprise (ACE) to provide external control of access to systems, and can provide exotic implementation patterns, for example to implement GDPR controls.

IBM Blueworks Live (BWL)

Blueworks Live is cloud-service that delivers a highly collaborative environment that supports process discovery, wide scale stakeholder engagement to refine processes, and the ability to define a process suitable for export directly to the BAW runtime.

Business analysts, subject matter experts and any other designated editors or contributors can easily work together through an intuitive web interface, documenting and analysing processes to make them more efficient. Use BWL to build and improve business processes through process mapping.

Responsiv consultants can support your discovery, design, and process mapping. They can work with you to implement a process management solution.

IBM API Connect Professional (ACP)

The IBM API product integrates with ACE to allow SOA services and APIs intended for internal use to be securely exposed to targeted external audiences without further code. This product includes virtual DataPower to securely host your APIs and allow security and load shaping policies to be deployed from a single console.

Application Connect Professional
API Connect Enterprise
Process Automation & Case Management
IBM Security Access Manager
IBM Message Queue
WebSphere Application Server

Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud™ Paks are enterprise-ready, containerised software solutions that give clients an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud.

Each IBM Cloud Pak™ includes containerised middleware and common software services for development and management, on top of a common integration layer. Cloud Paks run wherever Red Hat® OpenShift® (modified Kubernetes) runs and are optimized for productivity and performance.

There are 6 IBM Cloud Paks covering Applications, Data, Integration, Automation, Multicloud Management and Security.

Responsiv provide architects and technical specialists to help you design a container platform to suit your particular needs, and can help you plan for a move to (or from) cloud, with full support for IBM Cloud Pak installations.

Services specific to IBM include:

  • Helping you to navigate IBM Software Audits
  • Assuring that IBM Licence conditions are properly met, specifically the use of IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT).
  • Navigating and assuring that all the required parts, extenders, entitlements, and add-ons are accounted for project pricing
  • Properly sizing software acquisition and project completion
  • Negotiating favourable contract terms.

IBM Product Overviews

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Overview: IBM Guardium

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IBM Security

IBM Security

Secure your data and valuables with Responsiv. The IBM Security portfolio, including IBM Security and IBM Guardium Data Protection products assure your IT safety.
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Product Overview IBM MQ

Product Overview IBM MQ

IBM MQ acts as a messaging centre, reliably moving messages between applications, services and systems on varied platforms to reduce integration time and cost.
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