Responsiv Unity

Self-hosting made simple

Responsiv Unity is a modular Automation and Integration platform suitable for companies and departments of all sizes.

We set out to deliver a platform that is simple to install and operate, cost effective to use, and that can be targeted to solve a specific problem, or used as a foundation for multiple solutions.

Start building your scalable solution, today!

Check out some of our Responsiv Unity Nodes, below.

responsiv unity

Active Monitoring

We use SNMP to monitor the state of all parts of the platform.

Connect into your existing monitoring solution for improved insight.

Modular Scalability

Scale your Responsiv Unity Nodes as required, from process to integration.

Nodes are configured at installation through the Responsiv Asset Distribution System.


Self-host your Responsiv Unity Platform in the cloud of your choice.

Including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, or your own private datacentre.

responsiv unity nodes

Responsiv Unity Nodes are available depending on your business need.

Check out some of the options, below!


Do you need to optimise your business processes to improve productivity and efficiency?

Responsiv Unity Process Node provides business process automation capabilities.

Automate mundane and repetitive processes and reduce the strain on staff and the need to rework errors. Create insight into the progress of your processes to remove bottlenecks and unnecessary delays and costs.

Use process automation and business rules to maximise staff efficiency, deliver consistent customer service, minimise recruitment costs, and deliver self-service.

There is no limit on the number of processes you choose to automate, creating a scalable and flexible solution.

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Do you need to efficiently access systems across your organisation?

Responsiv Unity Integration Node is the solution for organisations that need to access data and systems across the enterprise without additional automation capabilities.

The Node has enterprise integration capabilities for API hosting, events (including from IoT devices), change data capture, and other real-time notifications, as well as built-in connectors for SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and more.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) and wide range of pre-built end-point connectors promotes rapid system to system integration and makes the Integration Node the single integration tool of choice for your entire business.


Do you need better oversight of your IT estate?

Responsiv Unity Console is a fully functional console for Responsiv Unity Nodes and Responsiv Unity enabled products.

Functions include patch management, download and deployment, monitoring and alerting, and a managed service gateway to allow Responsiv Unity installations to raise tickets directly with Responsiv.

Use the console to manage and monitor all Responsiv Unity components.

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 Quality Assurance


Unit acceptance means our developers have taken responsibility for support.

Operations begins when a consumer downloads a Node from the ADS.

Patch Management

Patches are applied through the Asset Distribution System.

These are monitored and downloaded by the Responsiv Unity Console.


All Responsiv Unity software products are supported in the event of a software failure.

You can extend support with various Responsiv Assist products. 

enhance your it estate with responsiv unity

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