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Responsiv provide full lifecycle products and support

Responsiv can support your business at every stage of project delivery, strategic planning of IT solutions, and ongoing operations (business as usual). Our consultants have a wealth of experience delivering high value strategic solutions to strict deadlines and tight budgets. We also have an extensive partner network and associate programme that enables us to bring in skills and capacity as we need them, or simply to ask questions to accelerate your project.

Our practical understanding of running small and large businesses, and delivering projects, allow us to elaborate the “art of the possible”, as well as the “art of the practical”, and “art of the minimal product”.

Responsiv Unity provides our delivery teams with a set of foundational capabilities, as well as extensions to solve common problems. We augment the foundation with bespoke developed software or configuration to solve your problem. Support for go-live, as well as ongoing hosting and operations is provided by our Responsiv Assist organisation.

The result is that Responsiv can partner with you throughout each stage of; plan, conceive, build, and operate.

We embrace new technology and methods for development and delivery, but we do so as a critical adopter with a foundation of decades of experience. Responsiv Products are designed to be assembled into supported solutions that solve your problem as simply and effectively as can be achieved with the available time and budget.

Solutions from Responsiv

Whether it’s parts for self-assembly, or a pre-assembled solution, Responsiv can help.

Responsiv can provide you with the parts, and the advice you need to assemble a solution for yourself or extend an existing infrastructure. Alternatively we can deliver and host a pre-assembled solution that delivers your requirements and is supported.

Responsiv cloud

Responsiv host, secure, manage, and develop cloud native solutions to simplify how you deliver technology benefits to your business.

Our customers include banks, government, and private businesses.

Responsiv Cloud provides a set of full service cloud offerings that simplify your  hosting and systems support. Our cloud is hosted on IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and the Responsiv custom cloud that hosts our Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Solution as a Service products (SolaaS).

The Responsiv Cloud Connect offering provides various connectivity options to accommodate the level of resilience, bandwidth, and security to suit your exact needs.

See here for information about Responsiv Cloud

Responsiv consulting

Responsiv Consulting deliver projects with a defined set of success criteria that tell us when the project is complete. We have delivered projects lasting a few days, as well as fixed price delivery that take teams of 10-15 consultants working for several months.

Responsiv Consulting is provided under engagement contracts (Statements of Work) that outline the scope of work and skills to be provided. Contracts can be written as time and materials (assistance), or fixed price (delivery) contracts, as well as “Solution as a Service” onboarding.

See here for information about available Responsiv Consulting Products.

Responsiv assist

Responsiv Assist is our family of ongoing remote support products that includes hosting, incident response, and flex support. When we deliver pre-assembled solutions they can be supported from the hardware up by a single active management and incident response package. The same is true when we provide solutions as a service. Responsiv “Solution as a Service” is hosted and supported by Responsiv Assist.

Responsiv Assist delivers remote developer and operations support (Responsiv Unity Flex Support), Incident response (Responsiv Unity Incident Response), hosting, and management (Responsiv Unity Extended Support) to our customers depending on their need for ongoing support and already available skills. Each offering is provided on a term entitlement basis and is managed by the Responsiv Service Desk.

Our Responsiv Assist staff have access to a database of knowledge, personal experience, as well as our consultants and partners; allowing them to tackle the most obscure problems.

See here for information about available Responsiv Assist Products.

Responsiv resale

Responsiv often use products from our partners to deliver specific functionality or value to our solutions, or to complete your needs. Responsiv Assist Flex Support is available for most of the products we provide through our resale organisation.

When Responsiv provide quotes for products from our partners we work to assure that they are accurate and complete.

Helping you assure complete product manifest and pricing

Where appropriate we will expect to spend time with your procurement and technical people to help us assure that you get the right products, including all the adapters and parts you need to deliver your solution. That it is properly sized and licensed for the target hosting platform, and that you understand how licence management operates for the specific vendor (IBM Licence Management, Microsoft, Red Hat).

Helping you to size for capacity and resilience

We will help you to size the solution, design for resilience and capacity, and to understand how to buy what’s needed immediately with a view to growing capacity as its needed.

Helping you select appropriate products

We can provide support for product selection, and discuss with your technical staff and architects detailed product features, as well as providing help with choices between competing products.

See here for information about Responsiv Resale

Responsiv unity

We use Responsiv Unity to provide a tried and tested foundation for many pre-assembled solutions. The Responsiv Unity platform is built on world leading IBM, Red Hat, and Open Source components that have been pre assembled into a fully supported modular platform that delivers real business value.

Responsiv Unity is a modular connectivity and process automation solution designed to be simple to install and operate. Our vision for Responsiv Unity is that it delivers the automation and connectivity foundation you need with minimal fuss. Allowing the project to focus on the business value that will deliver the real value.

Responsiv Unity delivers enterprise integration, application connectivity, data replication, process automation, business rules, API hosting and management, and much more. It builds on software from leading vendors, including IBM, Red Hat, and Open Source, as well as benefitting from significant investment by Responsiv.

We are happy to discuss industry accelerators and partnering agreements that add value to our foundation and deliver benefits to our customers.

See here for information about available Responsiv Unity modules.

Responsiv education

Our experience suggests that when technical departments that have an appreciation and are actively engaged with a solution, they are more likely to actively support and champion the solution and contribute to our understanding. The result is a better solution and faster, more thorough adoption of the new ways of working in the business. We find this to be true regardless of technical knowledge or industry.

Broadly, Responsiv provide mentoring throughout our conceive and delivery, and this can be extended using Responsiv Assist Flex Support. We find that the following approach works well.

1. Obtain a formal training course in the products being used.
Courses should be chosen and distributed amongst the team according to role (development, administration), and duplicated to avoid problems of staff loss or capacity.

2. Use the formal course as a framework to structure and make sense of mentoring.
Responsiv basic mentoring (Assistance contracts) involves our consultants answering questions. It is your responsibility to make notes and follow up. For fixed delivery contracts we can provide handover mentoring and briefings to allow you to manage and operate the solution.

3. Request bespoke mentoring from Responsiv to fill specific areas of interest and parts of the solution that are specific to your company.

See here for information about Responsiv Education

Responsiv Solution as a Service

Responsiv conceive, develop, host, and operate a solution that is assembled from our accelerators to deliver the capability you require. We use Responsiv Methods and Software assets, including Responsiv Unity and Partner Assets, to assemble a solution that can deliver what you need, and be effectively operated and hosted by us on our cloud. You pay an annual fee for the service capacity and for the initial assembly.

No need to buy the bits and assemble them yourself, and no need to arrange support and coordinate multiple vendors and agencies. Your experience is similar to buying a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, except that it is to your exact specification.

Responsiv believe that you want to procure a solution, with no interest in what is the box as long as it is secure, efficient, and reliable. This option sees Responsiv work with your people to configure the case pathways that you need, and then Responsiv host and manage the solution for a single annual fee. If you wish to add or change the solution you can do that yourself, or ask us to do it for you. In either case the support package can be extended to include the new functions.

See here for information about Responsiv Solutions

Financing Options

Responsiv can offer our customers flexible, affordable finance solutions to more faithfully align the timetable for payments on a solution with the income or savings it generates. We use finance options to shape the distribution of payments and risk. Because we are providing finance against our own services and products, we can offer significantly more competitive rates that may be available elsewhere, from zero percent.
Finance Lease, Operating Lease or Loan.

  • Better manage your cash flow
  • Accelerate your break-even point
  • Better match costs to expected benefits
  • Improve key financial metrics
  • Speed project approval

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