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If you have already looked at our values and ethos you will know that we hold ourselves and our company in the highest regard. Our values are embedded into our systems and the way that we measure our personal performance. What you gain from your Responsiv Career and Benefits entirely depend on what you put into the role and your willingness to take opportunities as they arise.

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.”

Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

When you work for Responsiv you can expect to be rewarded for delivering the requirements and desired outcomes of your role to the best of your ability, while living our values. You can expect to gain experience at every opportunity (even when you do get what you wanted). Our management team will push you to learn and experience all aspects of your role, and you will be taking leadership positions early in your career.

We are always looking for great people that will become a valuable part of the team and thought leaders in their chosen careers. If you don’t see an open role but have an interest in Responsiv then why not contact us?

Your Responsiv Career and Benefits are linked. You can expect to work hard and be a contributor to a great team that is diverse and highly collaborative.

Your Career

In Responsiv we have two basic tracks to allow us to recognise the demands and expectations of being a consultant or an operational specialist. Your career profile and expectations will depend on the path you choose, and how hard you push to increase your ability and experience.

As a Responsiv Consultant you can expect to have access to significant training, playing, and mentoring resources to help you navigate challenges as they arise. Your day will be filled with one of three things; delivering billable work to a customer project (65%), self paced or mentored learning of new products and skills, or extending your knowledge (15%), or contributing to the company in the form of mentoring, delivering presentations, creating white papers, points of view or blueprints.

You can join Responsiv as a consultant subject to the roles that are open, these roles will generally require as a minimum a STEM degree or 3-4 years of experience in a similar role.

As an Operational Specialist your day will be dictated by the specific role. As a manager you will be challenged with project delivery, handling team issues, and delivering management tasks. Finance, Legal, and others will be focused on timely and accurate execution of their role.

You can join Responsiv as an operational specialist subject to the roles that are open, these roles will generally require core subject A-levels (STEM, English, etc), and/or experience in a similar role.

Regardless of role you will have access to mentoring and self paced courses, as well as opportunity to grow in you role, change direction, and influence a young and growing company.

  • Training on IBM Products and appreciation of portfolio
  • Training on the Responsiv Method and project delivery
  • Consulting skills and role centric training

Pi Shaped Person

Our experienced hire and graduate scheme seek to create a Pi shaped person. This is someone with significant depth in two products or technologies or skill areas and that is the known, go-to person for those things. Connecting these two areas of expertise is a good breadth of knowledge and experience to form the Pi. This mix of breadth and depth make our consultants highly capable in project environments and minimise our dependence on others – helping you to be productive in your work, and Responsiv to deliver on time, on budget, and on quality.

Intern and Graduate Scheme

Responsiv has been taking undergraduate (interns) and graduates for many years. Our combined training and hands-on approach is wrapped with continuous mentoring to assure steady progression and continual support. We regard your career to be your responsibility, so it is up to the individual to push at a pace that works for Responsiv and you. 

We believe that the company has grown and is all the better from the influence exerted by the enthusiasm and ability of young people we employ. The mix of experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to take a lead has given Responsiv a unique personality as a company.

As a graduate or school entry to Responsiv you can expect to learn all the time, be challenged with self paced certifications, and provided mentoring and opportunities to test yourself in real projects.

Responsiv is passionate about developing exceptional technical leaders who are adaptable team players.  

Our graduate scheme will focus on growing your influence, leadership, and personal ability in the role of your choice, as well as creating opportunities to gain new experiences in associated roles. We believe that you should have two areas of deep expertise and a good broad understanding of your chosen area of work.

Responsiv Career and Benefits

At Responsiv we expect you to perform your role and deliver the expected outcomes in exchange for your basic salary package. We have created a package that includes pension provision, private healthcare, and of course some money.

We also recognise that high performance is difficult to define, and relies on people doing the right thing at the right time, showing the right attitude, caring about the quality of their work and about our company; living our values.

Our bonus mechanisms are used to allow the company to reward “above expectation” performance, and to allow everyone to share in the success of our company.

Working in a small company delivers benefits that are perhaps less tangible but that significantly add to your achievements and experience. For example, you will have access to senior staff, including all board members and senior consultants for mentoring and to allow your ideas and observations to be heard and your personal value to be properly recognised.

Responsiv provide training in software and analysis techniques as well as consulting and mentoring.

At Responsiv we will find opportunities to allow you to learn and gain experience at a much higher rate than you might experience in a larger company. You will be given challenges that will push your ability to the limit, and support to assure success. 


Responsiv offer a comprehensive Self-Invested Personal Pension from Hargreaves Lansdown. Not all pensions are created equal, for example they have varying financial performance, some require you to manually request tax relief on contributions, and others have high fees. The Responsiv board has worked hard to try to identify a pension that works for our people in a simple and effective way.

  • Employer contributions are paid gross of tax.
  • Member contributions are boosted by basic-rate tax relief, which is added automatically.
  • You can track and manage your pension using a mobile app or browser

Members can pick from various funds available across the market, which differs from most other pensions available. Investment at financial education is provided, with the aim of assisting members achieve a wealthier retirement.

Responsiv is not a pension provider and nothing here constitutes recommendation or investment advice. You are responsible for your own tax and investment affairs.

Private Health Care 

Responsiv offer Private Healthcare to all staff through our healthcare provide Vitality Health. The policy we have negotiated is intended to meet the needs of people that wish to ensure their health requirements are met quickly.

The plan aims to cover the cost of private medical treatment for acute medical conditions, for UK residents.

Also included are discounts and promotions, these are a result of leading a healthier lifestyle and help to keep you motivated.


As a member of staff you can recognise your team members for extraordinary actions as an individual or team. This could include the delivery of software or project completion, or simply providing critical mentoring or supporting you out of hours.


The Responsiv bonus scheme is offered to all staff who have completed their probation and who work for Responsiv.

Annual bonuses are used to reward those that have exceeded expectations in terms of delivering their role to a higher level than is normal for their current banding, consistently exceeding customer expectation, and for going above and beyond in alignment with our values.

To assess performance we take account of customer and staff feedback, continually assess during the year, and give individuals the opportunity to summarise their year against the each of our key values.

The bonus rewards both individual and company performance by virtue that the bonus pot is calculated as a proportion of earnings and shared out according to individual contribution.