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Responsiv Consulting delivers onsite and remote consulting services that work to a deadline

Responsiv Consulting is provided under engagement contracts (Statements of Work) that outline the scope of work and skills to be provided. Contracts can be written as time and materials (assistance), or fixed price (delivery) contracts, as well as “Solution as a Service” contracts.

  • Inherit great from the best
  • Leap forward from the shoulders of Responsiv
  • Big solutions for small companies
  • Powered by Responsiv solutions
  • Time to value – quicker
  • Immediate benefit – delayed cost

Responsiv Consulting delivers a platform that accelerates delivery, reduces the cost, and improves the management, of parts of your technology estate that connect your packages and your people to your markets. Responsiv Unity creates consulting opportunities for innovation, opportunities for avoiding cost and inefficiencies, and opportunities to deliver more, better, faster.


Responsiv Consulting

  • Business Analysis and requirements
  • Solution concept and planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Benefit from our experience and project focus
    • Unity Architecture Accelerators
    • Unity Business case Accelerators
    • Unity design documentation

Start with a strategy and dare to imagine how Unity can support new ways of working, improve the tried and trusted, and deliver new value from a combination of the two. Remember that the newest Mobile-App cannot exist without the infrastructure and “platform” that supports it. Enterprise connectivity and automation is no different.

How will you compete? What new products can be delivered with the new Unity technology? How quickly can you bring it to market? Can Unity save cost and improve service? Can Unity licensing options connect cost to benefit in an elastic way? Unity Solutions simplify the buying process and accelerate adoption. They combine Technology, Consulting, and Support to allow you to conceive a solution and let Responsiv do the rest.


Responsiv Consulting

  • Responsiv Unity Accelerators
  • Configure to environment
  • Build innovation
  • Benefit from Unity skills and fixed fee delivery approach
    • Developers with Unity experience
    • Design and project management
    • Unity pre-built artefacts
Building is the annoying bit between conception and benefit. The quicker we can build, the faster you see benefit. Whether you are looking for competitive advantage, reduced cost, or improved customer service the quicker we deliver, the faster you see value.

Responsiv has a reputation for on-time delivery of high-quality solutions. Unity allows us to focus on parts of the solution that are unique to your business, and that distinguish you from your competitors. The result is a low risk, high quality solution; delivered quacking and without drama.


Responsiv Assist

  • Incident Resolution
  • Patch management
  • Developer Support
  • Benefit from 7×24 skilled support
    • Managed Services
    • Solution Assist
    • Developer and Operations Assist

Most businesses want to focus on what they do well, and to not be distracted by activity that is not value generating for their customers. When we build solutions on Unity Responsiv offer “Solution Assist” to bring together and support all the parts of a solution. This augments Unity as a Service or Subscription deployments to deliver support for the solution and not just some of the parts. Alternatively use “Cloud Solution Assist” to receive a fully specified hosted managed service, or do it yourself and keep Responsiv on the hook for ongoing support and maintenance with “Incident Assist” or “Build and Operate Assist”.

Delivery (fixed price) Contract

Delivery Contracts or “outcome based” contracts commit Responsiv to deliver a specific outcome to a defined quality for a defined price.

We believe that these contracts demonstrate our focus and commitment to delivery, as well as our self-confidence that we can deliver our promise.

We are happy to agree delivery contracts when we have a well defined scope and success criteria, and that we can control all the resources and decisions needed to complete our commitment.

Defined Success means that we have an objective, measurable finish line that is not open to interpretation, and that delivers something of value to you, the customer.

Defined scope means that the success criteria has a known application that is not infinite.

Control of resources and decisions means that we can plan and execute at our own discretion, and do not become derailed by delays outside our control.

For peace of mind Responsiv provide ongoing support for outcome based contracts using our Responsiv Assist Flex Support or custom support products.

Solution as a Service

Solution as a Service contracts commit Responsiv to delivering, hosting, and supporting a solution to a defined problem for a minimum period.

This offering is considered to be our flagship for consulting because it wraps all Responsiv products together.

Responsiv Consulting Assistance Contracts

Assistance Contracts commit Responsiv to delivering a suitably skilled and experienced individual(s) and charge by the hour upto a defined maximum time.

Any capacity left on the contract is not billed, however, if the project requires additional time, then the contract will require an extension.

Please refer to the skills below to get a feel for the kinds of skilled resources available from our Consulting organisation.

Responsiv Consulting: Apprentice IT Specialist

Works under supervision. Uses little discretion. Is expected to seek guidance in unexpected situations. Minimal influence. May work alone, or interact with immediate colleagues. Performs routine activities in a structured environment. Requires assistance in resolving unexpected problems.

Has a basic generic knowledge appropriate to area of work. Applies newly acquired knowledge to develop new skills. Demonstrates an organised approach to work. Uses basic systems and tools, applications, and processes. Contributes to identifying own development opportunities.

Responsiv Consulting: IT Specialist

Works under routine direction with limited discretion in resolving issues or enquiries. Interacts with and may influence immediate colleagues. May have some external contact with customers, suppliers and partners. Works without frequent reference to others. Aware of need to collaborate with team and represent users/customer needs. May have more influence in own domain. Performs a range of work activities in varied environments. May contribute to routine issue resolution.

Demonstrates application of essential generic knowledge typically found in industry bodies of knowledge. Has gained a basic domain knowledge. Absorbs new information when it is presented systematically and applies it effectively. Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools and applications. Identifies and negotiates own development opportunities.

Responsiv Consulting: Senior IT Specialist / Designer

Works under general direction. Receives specific direction, accepts guidance and has work reviewed at agreed milestones. Plans, schedules and monitors own work (and that of others where applicable) competently within limited deadlines and according to relevant legislation, standards and procedures. Performs a range of work, sometimes complex and non-routine, in a variety of environments.

Contributes fully to the work of teams. May supervise others or make decisions which impact the work assigned to individuals or phases of projects. Understands and collaborates on the analysis of user/customer needs and represents this in their work. Has working level contact with customers, suppliers and partners. Interacts with and influences colleagues. Has an appreciation of the wider business context and how own role relates to other roles and to the business of the client.

Demonstrates effective application of knowledge. Has a sound generic, domain and specialist knowledge necessary to perform effectively in the organisation typically gained from recognised bodies of knowledge and organisational information. Applies methodical approach to issue definition and resolution. Determines when issues should be escalated to a higher level. Uses discretion in identifying and responding to complex issues and assignments. Understands how own role impacts security and demonstrates routine security practice and knowledge required for own work. Takes the initiative in identifying and negotiating appropriate personal development opportunities and develop own knowledge.

Responsiv Consulting: Senior Consultant / Project Manager

Works under general direction within a clear framework of accountability. Exercises substantial personal responsibility and autonomy. Plans own work to meet given objectives and processes. Influences customers, suppliers and partners at account level. May have some responsibility for the work of others and for the allocation of resources. Participates in external activities related to own specialism. Makes decisions which influence the success of projects and team objectives. Collaborates regularly with team members, users and customers. Engages to ensure that user needs are being met throughout.

Work includes a broad range of complex technical or professional activities, in a variety of contexts. Investigates, defines and resolves complex issues. Has a thorough understanding of recognised generic industry bodies of knowledge and specialist bodies of knowledge as necessary. Has gained a thorough knowledge of the domain of the organisation. Is able to apply the knowledge effectively in unfamiliar situations and actively maintains own knowledge and contributes to the development of others. Rapidly absorbs new information and applies it effectively.

Maintains an awareness of developing practices and their application and takes responsibility for driving own development. Communicates fluently, orally and in writing, and can present complex information to both technical and non-technical audiences. Plans, schedules and monitors work to meet time and quality targets. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who share common objectives. Selects appropriately from applicable standards, methods, tools and applications.

Responsiv Consulting: Senior Consultant/Architect

Works under broad direction. Work is often self-initiated. Establishes milestones and has a significant role in the assignment of tasks and/or responsibilities. Has significant influence over the allocation and management of resources appropriate to given assignments. Leads on user/customer collaboration throughout all stages of work. Ensures users’ needs are met consistently through each work stage. Is fully responsible for meeting allocated technical and/or project/supervisory objectives. Influences organisation, customers, suppliers, partners and peers on the contribution of own specialism. Builds appropriate and effective business relationships. makes decisions that impact the success of assigned work, i.e. results, deadlines and budget. Assesses and evaluates risk. Proactively ensures security is appropriately addressed within their area by self and others.

Engages or works with security specialists as necessary. Contributes to the security culture of the organisation. Performs an extensive range and variety of complex technical and/or professional work activities. Undertakes work which requires the application of fundamental principles in a wide and often unpredictable range of contexts. Understands the relationship between own specialism and wider customer/organisational requirements. Is fully familiar with recognised industry bodies of knowledge both generic and specific. Actively seeks out new knowledge for own personal development and the mentoring or coaching of others.

Develops a wider breadth of knowledge across the industry or business. Applies knowledge to help to define the standards which others will apply. Advises on the available standards, methods, tools and applications relevant to own specialism and can make appropriate choices from alternatives. Takes initiative to keep skills up to date. Demonstrates leadership. Communicates effectively, both formally and informally. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who have diverse objectives. Analyses, designs, plans, executes and evaluates work to time, cost and quality targets. Analyses requirements and advises on scope and options for continuous operational improvement. Takes all requirements into account when making proposals. Demonstrates creativity, innovation and ethical thinking in applying solutions for the benefit of the customer/stakeholder.

Responsiv Consulting: Interim Manager/Senior Project Manager

Has defined authority and accountability for actions and decisions within a significant area of work, including technical, financial and quality aspects. Establishes organisational objectives and assigns responsibilities. Influences policy and strategy formation. Initiates influential relationships with internal and external customers, suppliers and partners at senior management level, including industry leaders. Makes decisions that impact the work of employing organisations, achievement of organisational objectives and financial performance. Has a broad business understanding and deep understanding of own specialism(s). Performs highly complex work activities covering technical, financial and quality aspects.

Contributes to the implementation of policy and strategy. Creatively applies a wide range of technical and/or management principles. Promotes the application of generic and specific bodies of knowledge in own organisation. Has developed business knowledge of the activities and practices of own organisation and those of suppliers, partners, competitors and clients. Demonstrates clear leadership. Communicates effectively at all levels to both technical and non-technical audiences. Understands the implications of new technologies. Understands and communicates industry developments, and the role and impact of technology in the employing organisation. Absorbs complex information.

Promotes compliance with relevant legislation and the need for services, products and working practices to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities. Takes the initiative to keep both own and colleagues' skills up to date. Manages and mitigates risk. Takes a leading role in promoting security throughout own area of responsibilities and collectively in the organisations.

Responsiv Consulting: Director

At the highest organisational level, has authority over all aspects of a significant area of work, including policy formation and application. Is fully accountable for actions taken and decisions made, both by self and others to whom responsibilities have been assigned. Makes decisions critical to organisational success. Inspires the organisation, and influences developments within the industry at the highest levels. Advances the knowledge and/or exploitation of technology within one or more organisations.

Develops long-term strategic relationships with customers, partners, industry leaders and government. Leads on the formulation and implementation of strategy. Applies the highest level of leadership skills. Has a deep understanding of the industry and the implications of emerging technologies for the wider business environment. Has established a broad and deep business knowledge including the activities and practices of own organisation and a broad knowledge of those of suppliers, partners, competitors and clients. Fosters a culture to encourage the strategic application of generic and specific bodies of knowledge within own area of influence. Has a full range of strategic management and leadership skills.

Communicates the potential impact of emerging practices and technologies on organisations and individuals and assesses the risks of using or not using such practices and technologies. Understands, explains and presents complex ideas to audiences at all levels in a persuasive and convincing manner. Assesses the impact of legislation and actively promotes compliance and inclusivity. Ensures that the organisation develops and mobilises the full range of required skills and capabilities. Champions security within own area of work and throughout the organisation.

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