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Responsiv is an IBM partner

Responsiv work with IBM to deliver enterprise connectivity, enterprise automation, and cloud hosted solutions

Responsiv has been an IBM partner since 2015 and our relationship with IBM dates back for over 20 years. We have great relationships with the IBM sales organisation, as well as with the IBM labs that develop much of the software listed on these pages. 

If you need advice about how best to work with big blue, or help navigating the many product choices and ways to assemble your enterprise solution – then it’s worth a phone call with one of our IBM specialists.

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Responsiv provide services and expert insights around the IBM Business Automation software suite including its adoption and use, developing for, and installation. We also provide support for business cases and fixed price delivery projects.

Business Automation enables the digital transformation of complex business processes in order to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve service quality.

The IBM Digital Business Automation software suite delivers a set of capabilities that enable companies to design and manage end-to-end workflows, automate business decisions, visualise business processes, build applications on content, extract and organise information with AI and automate repetitive tasks.

  • IBM Business Automation Workflow
  • IBM Operational Decision Manager
  • IBM Blueworks Live
  • IBM Content Manager

We provide skilled resources to IBM to support their projects as well as providing IBM Software and Services directly to our customers. We are experienced in negotiating with IBM for great deals for our customers; not only good prices, but assuring that our customers have the right terms of use, and that licences are properly managed.

Our long term experience with IBM products, such as IBM MQ, IBM Message Broker, WebSphere Application Server, AIX, Back versions of DataPower, and the rest, allow us to provide extended support for many of those products at rates that make it worth a conversation.

If you are considering using an IBM software product, or moving to the IBM Cloud, then Responsiv can support you with knowledge and experience, as well as considerable skills. We resell IBM software and provide Responsiv Assist extended support for developers and operations.

IBM Product Overviews

IBM Security

IBM Security

Secure your data and valuables with Responsiv. The IBM Security portfolio, including IBM Security and IBM Guardium Data Protection products assure your IT safety.

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Product Overview IBM MQ

Product Overview IBM MQ

IBM MQ acts as a messaging centre, reliably moving messages between applications, services and systems on varied platforms to reduce integration time and cost.

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