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Why not cut out all the messing around in self-assembly and simply procure a “Responsiv” solution?

Depending on circumstance it is preferable to procure the parts and undertake a DIY assembly of the solution yourself. For these cases Responsiv can provide the foundation software, skills, and experience to help you be successful. We can also assemble the solution on your behalf, and provision it to you as a hosted managed service. We call this approach “Solution as a Service” because the service is tailor made to your requirements with the benefits of SaaS.

Our thinking is that with any DIY project you are forced to purchase more materials than you need, and to buy additional parts that you did not know you needed, and experience the joys and laughter of the assembly process; often wondering whether there was a quicker way. Responsiv can take the guesswork out of solution delivery, cut out the middleman and facilitate your delivery of the business benefit.

The platform is “powered by IBM” software, which is embedded and delivers much of the value. The base platform can be extended into particular market spaces or solution spaces.