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Responsiv build distinctive business solutions that are simple and effective

The vision statement is chosen to emphasise that Responsiv deliver distinctive solutions to business users, and that our solutions are simple to operate and own, and effective at delivering the need of our customer. The implications we want to invoke are broken out as:

Responsiv build


Distinctive business solutions…

You know it’s Responsiv because of the mix of quality components, the efficiency of delivery and operation, and the opportunities it creates.
Distinctive business capabilities are those that materially impact its place in the market, are disruptive, or deliver significant competitive advantage.
Distinctive solutions are solutions that deliver distinction to the business in a way that is not an extension of the current reality.

that are simple…

A system can only be made simple by moving complexity around to hide it from users and operators. Making a solution appear simple is itself not simple, which is why first-generation solutions are often very complex and require significant manual intervention. Complexity costs money, costs time, encourages mistakes, and is generally unreliable. Complex systems require significant depth and breadth of skills to operate, and can lead to “heroes” who can demand compensation well beyond their worth.

Technically complex is distinct from problems made complex by their scale or reach, political, or other source.
Responsiv consider how to make a solution “simple” as a part of our design methodology, and work hard to deliver solutions that are simple to operate and cost effective to own.

and effective

An effective solution is one that properly and completely delivers its objectives without creating problems for other parts of the business. It is one that can grow and adapt to new opportunities and challenges, and that is cost effective to operate.

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