The UK government has announced that IR35 regulations will be applied to all companies from April 2021. Responsiv is here to help freelance consultants and companies with assuring that projects are not affected, and that risks are properly managed.

IR35 Regulation

IR35 is an Inland Revenue regulation that has been in discussion for many years, and has been enforced across government agencies and departments since 2016. IR35 is formulated to place the tax liability with the employer rather than the freelance employee in the event that HMRC decides that the tax is due.

The regulation specifically targets individuals who are working through their own limited company.

To avoid this and retain high quality people, your company can engage an expert company such as Responsiv. At Responsiv, we take responsibility for delivering a defined, good quality and timely service to you.

Responsiv Consulting

Responsiv provide services through our “Responsiv Consulting” organisation. We deliver projects and assistance services to multiple customers at any given time, and we provide other services, including Responsiv Assist, and Responsiv Unity (software) at the same time.

Responsiv take responsibility for delivering a defined service to you, and your contractual relationship is with Responsiv rather than individuals.

  • Responsiv Solutions is a UK entity operating in the UK supply chain. Individuals employed by Responsiv are direct employees of the company or engaged through a third-party company. In either case the IR35 risk is with Responsiv.
  • Responsiv Solutions is not an umbrella company. All of our direct employees pay UK PAYE tax.
  • Responsiv Consultants are engaged for specific projects or to deliver specific outcomes. We do not provide consultants on open-ended agreements.
  • We never name individual consultants. We provide replacement consultants, flex capacity, and provide additional skills and accelerators as needed and inside the terms of our agreement.

With these controls, we can ensure IR35 compliance does not disrupt your project delivery. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with and have the ability to quickly deliver consultancy skills.


How do I know if my current consultant is IR35 compliant?

HMRC provide a tool ( to help organisations to understand the IR35 status of freelancers and off payroll employees. Alternatively the Responsiv operations team has extensive experience with IR35 assessments and is happy to help.
For guidance on this please complete the contact form. 

How do I know whether individual Responsiv consultants falls within IR35?

Responsiv consultancy contracts are designed to provide consultancy skill sets to meet defined outcomes.  This ensures that the work that we undertake with your company is outside IR35 regulations.

What could happen if my company is found to be noncompliant?

Your company may be liable for the financial penalties arising from noncompliance. 

Next Steps

Find out how Responsiv can support your projects without the worry of IR35 Compliance, back-fill freelance resources that are lost to your project, and provide the benefit of our experience.

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