As a company, we seek to develop business solutions that can underpin sustainable and commercially viable companies. We pursue a holistic approach to sustainability in the same practical way that we develop our own products.

“Sustainability is a top priority for our products and our business. We believe that the foundation of a sustainable society is sustainable business, a fundamental enabler for our global efforts to protect the planet.”
– Richard Whyte, CEO

Our solutions are intended to deliver immediate improvements to a company and to evolve and adapt to changing needs. The result is reduced effort and consumption otherwise needed to maintain and replace old systems. We adopt efficient software development techniques to reduce the energy consumed by our programs and consider how to reduce unnecessary human effort.

Our sustainability extends to our choice of office building, choice of hosting provider, and the way that we physically deliver our products.

We consider that our sustainability strategy represents a thoughtful and balanced approach. Please tell us how we might improve it. We know we have a significant challenge ahead, and that we are passionate to succeed on this journey.

Click here to read our ESG policy.

Environmental Sustainability

Technology can be used to reduce the need to travel or to consume paper and other materials. Responsiv seek to develop systems that reduce the need to consume paper, for example, reports that focus on the important information rather than everything.

Responsiv Investment in the Environment

Responsiv is undertaking research and development of a supply chain to track how textiles are handled and managed after they are discarded by consumers and suppliers. This will be incorporated into a circular textiles process to improve recycling facilities in the UK.

We are also working with farmers and those in the livestock supply chain to deliver practical yet innovative ways to reduce wastage and improve animal and human welfare. For example, accurate feedstuff orders can reduce the fuel needed to transport the feed and avoid feed being leftover when the animals are moved to another location.

Solution and Product Sustainability

Our holistic approach to sustainability means that we consider the implications of each decision.

Responsiv Consulting

Our consulting services can be delivered as a remote service. This means reduced costs for our customers and allows us to avoid employee travel, which reduces consumption of fuel and travel miles. It also contributes to a healthy work-life balance.

Responsiv Support

Responsiv Assist is a remote-only support and mentoring service. It gives our customers a way to access our experience and expertise on a variety of technical subjects. The service contributes to assuring that our customers are developing sustainable software, and that their teams can be maintained and productive.

Responsiv Offices

The Responsiv offices are designed to be environmentally sustainable.

They use architectural ventilation and roof spaces to manage the internal temperature without the need for office air-conditioning. The buildings are light and airy to improve the environment for our staff and close enough to public transport to allow people to choose the most appropriate form of travel.

“The only green buildings we occupy that actually work”. (Quote from the European Property and Facilities Manager for a multinational occupier at The Courtyard). Please see the carbon trust case study for more information.

Responsiv Office

Data centres

Responsiv Cloud is hosted in the UK.

Our hosting provider uses 100% renewable energy to power their data centres, and have been doing so since 2011.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is the standard way of measuring a data centre’s energy efficiency. Each data centre has a PUE score, which should be as low as possible, with 1 being the theoretically perfect score.

The PUE score for our Cloud hosting provider is calculated to be 1.14, which is significantly lower than the global average of 1.57.

This impressive score is achieved using optimised cooling approaches developed using cutting edge technology to ensure we offer one of the greenest data centres in the world. Cold-aisle containment forces cool air over servers rather than escaping, Adiabatic cooling towers use the natural process of evaporation to cool, so the only power used is to pump the water through the towers. Evaporation is the same process that cools humans when we sweat.

Immersion cooling is a very new technology where servers are submerged into a mineral oil which doesn’t conduct electricity. This means liquid can be put into direct contact with the servers to deliver cooling and remove heat, our Cloud hosting provider is one of the few colocation data centres in the UK to offer this service. State-of-the-art UPSs with line-interactive / ‘Smart Active’ efficiency of up to 98.5%. This means only 1.5% of energy is lost in the transfers, significantly less than data centres with less efficient UPSs.