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How Automation Integrates with the Long-Term NHS Strategy

Over the past two years, the NHS has experienced unprecedented demand due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, almost every department in the NHS has encountered additional strain, impacting essential activities—from planning operations, providing emergency care, administering vaccination programmes, and managing patient data.

Healthcare professionals and support staff have worked tirelessly to keep pace with the rapid surge in demand for NHS services—working overtime, taking on additional duties and, in some instances, returning from retirement. While these approaches will play a huge role in helping the organisation tackle the short- and medium-term challenges of the pandemic, they are unlikely to offer long-term sustainability.

Cutting-edge technologies such as AI-powered automation hold the potential to dramatically improve efficiency across the NHS. Recognising this, the UK government has earmarked additional funds for the NHS to embrace automation, in an effort to overcome backlogs and to help reduce waiting times for vital healthcare services.

Pankhuri Gupta

Pankhuri Gupta

Dr. Pankhuri Gupta is Responsiv’s Sales Manager working with our Banking, Healthcare, and Local Government customers. Her role is to add value through collaboration with strategists and technical leaders to understand business imperatives and work with them to shape and deliver IT projects. She specialises in innovative networking, bringing together the right specialists from Responsiv and our customers, to enable informed decision making, and deliver practical outcomes

Pankhuri is a qualified Dentist, who brings significant “on the job” experience of working in healthcare and with specialists of all kinds.