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Central Government, Public Body

Key Benefits

Reduced operating costs and downtime

Improved efficiency and responsiveness

Ensured regulatory compliance


Responsiv helps a Government Agency to manage key operational processes.

Within its existing IT infrastructure, our customer was using a set of rules to manage various operational processes. Highly specific and complex in nature, these rules were pre-defined with criteria to ensure any related activity was compliant with its standards and quality control. The rules would use a set of variables to assess whether a requested action was viable and legal and would provide instructions for what to do next.

To satisfy this requirement Responsiv used Responsiv Unity Rules Module to manage our customer’s various rules. By running the Rules Module as the underlying technology solution on our own cloud, we could provide the available resource and high levels of flexibility needed, while ensuring a resilient, secure IT environment which operates around the clock.

“Solution, service and support in one place – Responsiv offered SaaS development and deployment, as well as dedicated expert support to ensure optimal performance. Their team of experts created and maintained a tailored IT environment, based on many years of industry-relevant experience.”

– Business Analyst

Responsiv Unity in Government Agencies

Pankhuri Gupta

Pankhuri Gupta

Dr. Pankhuri Gupta is Responsiv’s Sales Manager working with our Banking, Healthcare, and Local Government customers. Her role is to add value through collaboration with strategists and technical leaders to understand business imperatives and work with them to shape and deliver IT projects. She specialises in innovative networking, bringing together the right specialists from Responsiv and our customers, to enable informed decision making, and deliver practical outcomes

Pankhuri is a qualified Dentist, who brings significant “on the job” experience of working in healthcare and with specialists of all kinds.