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Public Sector, Higher Education

Key Benefits

Synchronised data across different systems

On-demand capacity

Reliable and agile IT infrastructure


Responsiv Unity in Higher Education

Responsiv helps a Higher Education Institution to meet the challenge of changing demands.

Our customer needed to move to a managed server which would cope with these demand surges by synchronising data across different systems to give students a single, up-to-date source of information wherever it was accessed. Existing IT support and budget constraints – as well as an aggressively short timeframe – meant that the customer needed a partner who was able to provide a solution quickly and cost-effectively. At this point, Responsiv was engaged.

“We are delighted with both the flexibility and performance of Responsiv Unity. After spending a lot of time exploring options without finding anything viable, we felt that Responsiv has delivered exactly the solution we were hoping for – with the desired results.

As well as seamless operations, a convenient usage-based cost model meant that we only pay for what we use per month – resulting in significant monetary savings compared to using the full service all year round.”

Head of Corporate Applications

Mike Axcell

Mike Axcell