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One of the UK’s first broadband providers, our customer is a quarter of a century old and still founder owned. From their roots as a pioneering Internet Service Provider (ISP), they now provide comprehensive data, voice and hosting services. Automation will support these values and help the business to grow.

ISP services help business and residential customers communicate, collaborate and pursue their commercial objectives.

People focused and ethically minded, they strive to make a positive impact on customers and the wider community. 

An increasing need for automation

Over twenty years, this telco had grown consistently and successfully, acquiring other companies based on a like-minded, people-first culture and working style. From day one, a strong technical skillset and excellent employee expertise meant it had built its own systems from scratch. However, after two decades of valiant service, these systems were now beginning to show their age.

Our customer set out on an ambitious strategic project to upgrade and replace its existing processes with intelligent automation. They quickly realised that the new technologies, processes, techniques and approaches required a complete rethink, not to mention a significant amount of additional time and resource – all of which would disrupt everyday operations.

With that in mind, Responsiv Solutions was engaged in June 2018 to move the project forward.

Simplifying processes, saving time

Responsiv supported the project initiation by analysing our customer’s situation and recommending potential solutions, based on the introduction of automated Business Process Management (IBM Business Process Management, IBM Business Automation Workflow).

After a detailed assessment of the options available, IBM BPM software was selected to fulfil our customer’s requirements. Responsiv provided the software as a service.

The focus is to automate where possible, and to use automation as a way to pin-down processes that otherwise move depending on who is doing the work.

In the two years since purchase, we have worked to support our customer to leverage the software to meet their needs. and optimise IBM BPM for our customer’s changing needs. Specifically, our customer has developed a sophisticated DevOps environment to accelerate their production of processes, developed processes to onboard new customers, to control delivery of new broadband cable installations, and overseeing IT equipment in third-party data centres.

The focus is always on automation – to simplify process and management to make life easier for our customer while enabling greater efficiency and productivity.

Breaking new boundaries

Our customer has embraced the concept of Business Automation.

They have invested time in building proper, strong foundations and in strategic planning to achieve the best results. To date, all testing, releases and authorisation of process changes have progressed smoothly and positively. Employees are involved and on board with the changes, and recognise that they will make operations easier and more effective.

Our customer uses Responsiv Assist flex support, our credit-based support service, to assure that help was always on hand; both for ad hoc technical issues and project implementation tasks.

Responsiv Assist gives the customer immediate access to technical support as and when it was needed, and proved to be a cost effective and time efficient alternative to using assistance contracts; avoiding multiple contracts and allowing them to use their flex support credits one question at a time.

By continuing to actively promote the use of business automation in their processes, and instilling an integrated approach at the heart of operations, our customer is gaining momentum in transforming its technology ecosystem to support its commercial objectives.

Why Responsiv?

Responsiv is specialised in IBM Business process Management (BPM) and enterprise application integration (EAI) , with many years’ experience deploying tailored solutions for organisations.]
We focus on building close customer partnerships and where appropriate, mentoring our customer’s staff in the products and associated concepts. We believe in working together to understand specific requirements and issues, then creating a solution to deliver optimal results.

Our practical experience and approach mean we build processes from the ground up, in a logical order, managing dependencies, consolidating existing processes and focusing on outcomes.

Richard Whyte

Richard Whyte

Richard Whyte has been building enterprise IT solutions for over 20 years. He is known for creating innovative practical solutions that provide a strong foundation for future development, whilst solving immediate problems. Previously the European CTO and Principal Architect for IBM Systems Middleware at IBM, he has an MBA, a degree in Statistics and Computing, is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional, and Fellow of both the Institute of Technology and the British Computer Society.