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UK Government


Responsiv Jumpstart

IBM Integration Bus


IBM API Connect

Key Benefits

Decoupled systems

Reduced support and maintenance effort

Quicker development for projects


Unified technologies

Rapid provisioning using Responsiv Jumpstart

Services can be exposed to external parties

Case Study

Responsiv helps the IPO technical staff implement an end-to-end proof of concept with full integration with existing systems and exposure of 36 API operations securely through DataPower via API Connect.

Responsiv help the IPO expose 36 API operations securely

Using Responsiv Jumpstart, the team was able to provision a fully functioning environment within the first day of being on site and had services exposed by the end of the first week.

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Read the full Case Study here:

Zoe Whyte

Zoe Whyte

Zoe is the Marketing Manager at Responsiv. She has a first-class degree in History and completed the miniMBA in Marketing.