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The Microsoft Azure cloud delivers reliable, scalable, and flexible compute and storage

Microsoft has a worldwide network of data centers to host Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications. The Azure cloud platform contains more than 200 products and cloud services that can help you bring new solutions to life; to solve today’s challenges and create the future. Build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Microsoft Azure lets you add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its platform as a service (PaaS) model, or entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network needs with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Either option provides secure, reliable access to your cloud hosted data—one built on Microsoft’s proven architecture. 

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) provide server virtualization for a wide range of Windows and Linux-based computing solutions. Azure VMs are one of several types of on-demand scalable computing resources available within Azure, and Responsiv use them to host our Responsiv Unity on Azure offerings.

Product names relevant to this briefing include Enterprise Automation, Enterprise Connectivity, Responsiv Unity Rules on Azure, Responsiv Unity Connectivity on Azure, and Responsiv Unity on Azure.

Business case

Microsoft Azure provides an ever expanding array of products and services designed to meet all your needs through one convenient, easy to manage platform. Responsiv extends those capabilities with our enterprise connectivity and enterprise automation offerings, which allow you to connect across clouds and into systems that include IBM Mainframes and non-microsoft technologies.

It is likely that you already take advantage of Azure in one form or another, or perhaps you use Microsoft Office365 to provide desktop services. The Responsiv Unity products are hosted in the same place on your Azure licences, or as a service, and integrated to deliver a seamless user experience.

Richard Whyte

Richard Whyte

Richard Whyte has been building enterprise IT solutions for over 20 years. He is known for creating innovative practical solutions that provide a strong foundation for future development, whilst solving immediate problems. Previously the European CTO and Principal Architect for IBM Systems Middleware at IBM, he has an MBA, a degree in Statistics and Computing, is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional, and Fellow of both the Institute of Technology and the British Computer Society.