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Business Oversight and Monitoring with Instana

Make sense of chaotic cloud-native environments with Instana’s fully automated application observability, delivering the context needed to take intelligent actions and ensure optimum application performance

Instana helps optimise performance of modern systems through fully automated enterprise observability and application performance monitoring.

We deliver the only Observability solution that automates the entire monitoring lifecycle, provides deep context of every data point and takes AI-assisted intelligent actions so that applications stakeholders have the actionable insights needed to optimise their application performance and accelerate their CI/CD Pipelines.

  • Application Performance Management in a containerised world. Achieve visibility in orchestrated environments
  • Leveraging Automatic APM to accelerate CI/CD and improve application performance
  • Observe Microservice behaviour and performance

Product names relevant to this briefing include IBM Integration, IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), Enterprise Monitoring, Instana, IBM MQ, IBM ACE, IBM Application Connect Enterprise, CI/CD, DevOps.

Instana, an IBM Company, is a leading provider of Enterprise Observability and Performance Management for Cloud-Native Applications. We automate the entire monitoring lifecycle, including the collection of rich data in context, so that DevOps teams can optimise their applications and accelerate their pipelines.

Business Drivers

To stay competitive and meet ever rising customer expectations in today’s fast moving digital world, businesses need to make better decisions, faster.

Most waste time and money gathering unactionable insights and relying on rigid applications.

Use Instana to gather insights about your technology investments, and how its performance impacts business. Save money by focusing resources and investment into areas of your infrastructure that need it. Make informed investment and retirement decisions based on real life use of systems. Stop maintaining applications that are rarely used.

Key Capabilities

  • Automatic, Continuous Discovery and Mapping
  • Realtime Full Stack Application Data Model
  • Precise High Fidelity Visibility
  • Cloud, Container, and Microservice Native
  • AI-Powered Incident Monitoring, Problem Resolution and Troubleshooting
  • Integration into Development/Deployment and CI/CD pipeline toolset

Why would you be interested?

Technology investments and their ability to deliver real business value are critical to the success of a modern business. Technology budgets are increasing, and the reliance on high performance, distributed infrastructures is growing. The ability to measure the effectiveness of those investments can make the difference between success and failure.

  • How often has a failure been brought to your attention by a customer or business user?
  • How many times have you discussed the potential for early warning?
  • The possibility of a warning before a failure or need for increased capacity?

Enterprise Architect

Instana offers a uniform and centralised overview of business systems. As an enterprise architect you will be interested in what is possible, and how monitoring can be integrated with other parts of your IT landscape.

Operations Manager

Instana offers a highly scalable and performant runtime overview with strong links to DevOps and capacity management. As an Operations Manager you are interested in demonstrating that you have IT systems under control, and that your investments are delivering their promise.

Application Developer

Instana delivers important insights to support troubleshooting, regardless of the complexity of application code and supports testing requirements. As an application developer you are interested in quickly identifying problems, and in the production insights that can be applied to new releases of an application.

IT Support Manager

Instana offers a single point for insights into a distributed IT environment. As an IT Support Manager you are interested in quickly identifying problems, reporting capacity and threshold breaches, and discovering areas of risk before they happen.

The six Fundamental Pillars of mANAGING microservice Applications
The Foundations of Enterprise Observability
Serverless Observability
The six Fundamental Pillars of mANAGING microservice Applications
The Foundations of Enterprise Observability
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