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IBM Product Briefing 

IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW)

Have a 360 view of your work with IBM BAW

IBM Business Automation workflow (BAW) unites information, processes, and users to automate digital workflows. The platform is part of the IBM Digital Business Automation platform.  BAW allows you to create, build and run automation workflows on cloud or on premises. The platform combines business process management and case management capabilities to blend information, processes, and users to deliver a 360-degree view of processes. IBM BAW uses advanced analytics, collaboration, and business rules to deliver optimised business outcomes.

Businesses can use BAW to build workflow applications to improve productivity. The workflow applications within the platform coordinate work between manual and automated tasks to improve daily business operations.

The applications have four main components:

  • An environment to create and configure the application.
  • Frameworks for sequencing and delegating work.
  • A user experience for interacting with the application.
  • Administrative tools for optimising how the application runs, new versions and security.

IBM BAW orchestrates robot tasks to empower your business. It reduces costs and improves efficiency as it allows employees to focus on high value work.

There are multiple features included within IBM BAW.

  • Workflow management – Workflow management gives users the ability to directly participate in the improvement of workflows. Both BPM and case management are integrated, meaning you can work with repeatable business workflows to complete all work.
  • Virtual machine and container technology – The production solution offers multiple environments for development and testing as well as disaster recovery. This also allows for easy access to the self-service portal.
  • Reusable process components – Drive consistency, improve efficiency and increase productivity across multiple workflows through the reuse of components.
  • Compliance capabilities – Improve your ability to meet compliance requirements with data protection and data retention.
  • Built in analytics and monitoring – Gain insight that allows you to engage those participating in workflows, prioritise work and improve productivity. BAW uses intelligent task prioritisation and decision recommendations to improve collaboration between business and IT teams.
  • Public cloud access – Connect to the cloud service through mobile devices or public cloud through the cloud portal.


IBM BAW automates process workflows, managing and improving oversight of tasks throughout an organisation. This improves the outcomes of process and workflows as there is less reliance on human intervention to monitor a process.

Furthermore, IBM BAW improves business insight as it will raise tasks until the step is complete, ensuring that outcomes are successful.


IBM BAW allows you to automate and digitise process workflows. Business automation is at the heart of many businesses, improving efficiency and productivity by automating manual tasks within processes.

BAW allows for multiple process instances to occur at once and will run until the end point of the process. BAW requires access to integrations, APIs, and databases to be able to automate a process as it needs to write and/or read data to complete a task.

BAW can meet customers where they are at. There is flexibility with purchasing, process, and has case engines to handle needs of different business models. Plus, a suite of capabilities to fulfil automation potential.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Organisations use IBM BAW to create and manage workflows that enhance collaboration between departments and teams, provide analytics, insights and overall, boosts productivity. Using BAW can optimise your current process or build new ones that will support innovation and productivity.

Responsiv Consulting provides advice for businesses that want to automate their processes. We provide strategic guidance or bespoke technical solutions to drive success to meet business needs.

Responsiv Consulting will help you optimise and define your business workflows to ensure you get the most out of your software.

Zoe Whyte

Zoe Whyte

Zoe is the Marketing Manager at Responsiv. She has a first-class degree in History and completed the miniMBA in Marketing.