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IBM Product Briefing 

IBM Envizi

Sustainability is an imperative focus for businesses. Interest from customers, employees, investors, governments and more mean a growing demand and pressure to report and be transparent about ESG decisions. Businesses need to have clear evidence of demonstrating progress towards sustainability.

IBM Envizi ESG Suite is a Solution as a Service (SaaS) that removes the challenges of ESG data analysis, collection, and reporting. This includes ESG reporting, emissions management, and decarbonisation. The software uses data science and machine learning to analyse, visualise and prepare reports.

The cloud-based software products collaborate to provide a single system of record that delivers robust, auditable ESG data. Additionally, it contains flexible reporting tools to meet external and internal requirements and uses analytical tools to identify opportunities to reach low carbon goals and track performance based on commitments.

Key Components:

  • Automatic Data capture – Capture data from areas such as finance systems, supplier data files, property management databases and other business platforms.
  • Connectivity to operational system – The software is integrated with other IBM solutions to provide a complete and comprehensive view of sustainability performance.
  • Data normalisation and harmonisation – Convert data into comparable units and time periods.
  • Data structuring and hierarchy management – Get advanced data tagging for analysis, extraction, retrieval and reporting to several ESG frameworks with one data source.
  • Data audits and health checks – HealthCheck dashboards are used to represent data and all data is traced to source files with a record of changes made.

There are multiple benefits when using  IBM Envizi within your business:


The software automatically collects over 450 data types from different sources to get high quality data and puts it in one place.

Time saving:

Use automated data collection and calculations so that data only needs to be collected once.

Audit ready:

Confidently report your ESG data, knowing it has been obtained in a system of record that has audit trails.

Cost effective:

Find cost savings in the process of reducing emissions, energy consumption and waste.

The power behind Envizi is robust data management designed to host a single, trusted data source for ESG reporting.


IBM Envizi provides a SaaS that consistently gathers ESG-related data and reports it in a clear and concise manner. ESG data can be difficult to capture and is spread across disparate systems. But Envizi manages over 450 types of data from existing systems to create a system of record that will support you in your sustainability transformation journey.

The Envizi software can be hosted through cloud platforms like AWS and combines other IBM software such as IBM Turbonomic and IBM Maximo software. Using Envizi combined with AI powered software, businesses can automate the collection of data and reporting to move towards sustainability commitments.


Zoe Whyte

Zoe Whyte