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Discussion | From September 2022


Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform

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Join us for a discussion on the art of the possible using Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform. Find out how implimenting cloud-based automation can improve your business efficiency and reduce operational costs.

What is Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform?

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform provides you with a ready-made foundation for your digital transformation. It provides the plumbing and drainage to allow you to focus on delivering the buildings and concert halls that will define and enable your automation projects.

Developed by experts, you benefit from years of practice and experience, ensuring that your business systems are developed on a solid foundation.

Right Data, Right Place, Right Time

Business efficiency is about making sure that all the parts of your business are pulling in the same direction, that one part is not benefitting from making more work for others. Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform allows you to connect all the parts of your business, and to provide ways for them to collaborate without the overheads. It allows you to collect real-time information about how your business is performing, and about the areas of operations that need further support.

In sort, Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is a reliable spring board for your company to grab opportunities and create agility in the way you interact with customers and operate the business.

Find out more by reading our product brief below. 

What is the ‘Art of the Possible’?

Our Art of the Possible discussions are an opportunity for you to describe your specific challenges, and for Responsiv to help you visualise how Business Automation might support your business. This support can lead to reducing operational costs, improving customer engagement, or to enabling business agility.

Ultimately, the potential to optimise business efficiency is envisioned through the Art of the Possible.

Business Efficiency: Possible

Not convinced? Here are three examples to illustrate how we can help:

“My company needs to extend hours of service to customers to increase engagement from a younger demographic”

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform can be used to develop simple (or complex) self-service features for your website. This means that prospective and existing customers can request services and get answers to questions out of hours. The same technology can be used to connect with customers over different social media. Examples include requests for information, submitting information as part of an application, and to start an application or submission.

“Our systems are unavailable during several hours overnight, but the website must operate 7×24”

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform can be used to store and forward requests to your core systems when they are not available. This means that customers and staff can request services out of hours. Examples include address change requests, submitting applications, and requesting information to be delivered later.

“We have several processes that need to assemble a great deal of information from many sources, making them slow and time consuming”

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform can be used to control the process of gathering information from humans and systems and presenting it or checking it as part of a fully orchestrated series of activities. This means that people are presented with all the information they need to complete a task and are only involved when they add most value.  Examples include decisions and authorisation requests, billing, and tariff selection.

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