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Gain holistic control of your companies precious data, inbound, outbound and at rest, with IBM Guardium.

IBM Guardium

These days, companies are embracing agile, multi cloud data repository deployments that are immediately amplified thanks to the new normal: remote working. Security and IT leaders must face and overcome these new data security challenges, such as limited visibility, sophisticated cyberattacks and a growing skills shortage, while also working to meet compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Responsiv Consulting

Responsiv Consultants will review the security of your data repositories and present our findings in a short report.

We will demonstrate how IBM Guardium can help reduce operational complexity with automated processes and offer your team full visibility on:

  • what kind of sensitive data you have
  • where it is located
  • who is accessing it

Alongside helping you defend against security threats and respond in real-time!

Responsiv are here to help. We can make suggestions to ensure our solution helps your company comply with data regulations, we will provide professional services to install, configure and tailor the solution to your companies needs, as well as providing on going support for your organisation, where needed.

Next Steps

Responsiv experts have decades of experience working with and supporting IBM software and have great relationships with the IBM organisation. We understand how to negotiate, and how to get the right advice for assuring that the right capacity, licences and configuration are delivered to you.

Why not get in touch for a no obligation discussion. We can provide an opinion or new perspectives and the rest is for you to decide.

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