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Public Sector,
Fire and Rescue Services

Key Benefits

Improved understanding of problem

Fast knowledge transfer

Efficient project plan delivery

Utilised insight and expertise

Successful engagement of key stakeholders

Improved connectivity to back-end systems


Responsiv helps Essex County Fire & Rescue Service (ECFRS) on a key digital transformation project.

ECFRS embarked on an ambitious journey to modernise and improve the way organisational reporting is done. The goal was to deliver self-service across the authority and to improve, repeatability of reporting, cost and time efficiency, and accessibility of data.

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service work with Responsiv to define critical success criteria

Responsiv and the ECFRS team worked together to carefully define the critical success criteria for each workstream of the project, developing a high-level project plan, and identifying both considerations and potential pitfalls.

“The report that Responsiv compiled has been incredibly useful in engaging the Key Stakeholders,
Business Analysts and Project Officers. It enables them to quickly understand the background,
importance of the project and the key considerations.”

– Natasha Mistry, PMO & Technology Portfolio Manager Innovation & Change

Mike Axcell

Mike Axcell