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Responsiv was engaged to analyse the Service’s current IBM Business Process Management (BPM) platform and enterprise integration arrangements to propose a solution for upgrading the nearing End-of-Life middleware software.

This cloud migration project took three months to complete, between March and May 2022. The end result sees CFRS on a current and fully supported managed workflow solution hosted on the Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform.

“…Responsiv support us in all aspects of the platform and its use. We can draw on specific skills as and when we need them, and scale developments depending on our requirements. Working with Responsiv has been a positive experience all round and thanks to their support, we are now in a great place to move forward with more processes to increase our efficiency.”

– Tamsin Mirfin, Director – Service Transformation

Find out how Responsiv supported the Service to migrate their process automation capabilities to the Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform:

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    Zoe Whyte

    Zoe Whyte

    Zoe is the Marketing Manager at Responsiv. She has a first-class degree in History and completed the miniMBA in Marketing.