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Public Sector, Local Government

Key Benefits

From 3 weeks to less than 1 day

New, modernised system

Greater response turnaround

Full platform visibility

Higher quality submissions

Less time needed to create a panel pack

Reduced legal risk


Oldham Council – School Fixed Penalty Notice

Responsiv helps Oldham Council with a new modernised system.

Oldham Council urgently needed to transform its School Fixed Penalty Notice to a modern integrated platform that could manage various requests, activities, and action follow-ups accordingly.

As a result of a successful pilot project, Responsiv Unity Process Module was set up as an on-premises infrastructure with dedicated servers and was used to integrate various processes within the council from start to end. With the platform in place, less coding was required, and demonstrations were completed faster.

“The software suite from Responsiv helped us to deliver a solution with a fast turnaround.

The platform had all the capabilities we required to deliver this solution from the initial scope, through to design, development and deployment.”

– Irfan Rasul, Digital Technology Manager

Pankhuri Gupta

Pankhuri Gupta

Dr. Pankhuri Gupta is Responsiv’s Sales Manager working with our Banking, Healthcare, and Local Government customers. Her role is to add value through collaboration with strategists and technical leaders to understand business imperatives and work with them to shape and deliver IT projects. She specialises in innovative networking, bringing together the right specialists from Responsiv and our customers, to enable informed decision making, and deliver practical outcomes

Pankhuri is a qualified Dentist, who brings significant “on the job” experience of working in healthcare and with specialists of all kinds.